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Woman Shot in the Head While Pushing Baby in Stroller on Busy Manhattan Street: Police
The NYPD tells PEOPLE the victim was pushing a stroller with a 3-month-old baby in it when she was fatally shot in the head
Man Allegedly Driving San Antonio Tractor Trailer Charged After the Deaths of 53 People
On Monday, authorities were alerted to a "smuggling event" in which 64 people were suspected of illegally entering the United States
Nipsey Hussle Murder Trial Delayed After Alleged Killer Attacked with Razor Blade in Jail: Lawyer
“He was cut with a razor in the back of his head and received three staples,” public defender Aaron Jansen said
Mom of Dylan Rounds, Who Vanished from His Remote Utah Farm in May, Tells PEOPLE She Fears He Was Murdered
“Dylan was out building his life,” his mom Candice Cooley tells PEOPLE of her 19-year-old son whose boots and truck were found near land he purchased to make his farming dream come true
Pizza Delivery Driver Fatally Shot as He Stopped to Help 76-Year-Old Gunshot Victim: Police
Two men — an unnamed 76-year-old and 49-year-old Juan Cristalinas — were found in a street in Orange County, Calif., suffering from gunshot wounds
N.Y.C. Mayor Says Rudy Giuliani Should Be Investigated for Filing False Police Report After 'Slap' Incident
Earlier this week, Giuliani claimed he was "hit on the back as if a boulder hit me," describing the incident as akin to being shot

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Suspected Texas Serial Killer, Accused in Deaths of 18, Indicted in Murders of 4 Elderly Women
"Every victim of a violent crime deserves to have their case investigated and prosecuted," the Collin County District Attorney said after Billy Chemirmir was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday
Mother Arrested for Allegedly Leaving 1-Year-Old Girl in Hot Car While She Drank at Sports Bar: Police
Deputies had to break the vehicle window to rescue the baby, who was "suffering from heat-related illness" but is expected to make a full recovery
Husband of Woman Killed During Home Invasion Is Now in Custody for Separate Homicide: Police Chief

Two unidentified teens are also in custody after police say they broke into a Detroit home armed with guns and killed the man's wife