Opry Entertainment's new YouTube series, "Better Half," puts the spotlight on spouses of country superstars who are managing busy careers of their own

By Brianne Tracy
August 19, 2017 10:00 AM

Zac Brown and his jewelry designer wife, Shelly, are proving they’re the definition of power couple.

In Opry Entertainment’s new YouTube series, “Better Half,” premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, the spotlight instead shines on the spouses of country superstars who are managing busy careers of their own.

“I’m so excited to be able to share my company and my passion for design with so many people,” Shelly, who is featured in the first episode of the series for her business Shelly Brown Jewelry, tells PEOPLE. “Designing is something that I’ve been doing my whole life and getting to create wearable pieces for every woman is something I’m incredibly proud of.”

From creating her own childhood jewelry to attending school for design, Shelly, 33, was able to launch her jewelry line — which includes a range of everything from statement necklaces to stackable crystal bracelets — in 2015.

“Design has always been something that has really come naturally to me,” she says in the clip. “It has been really fun to be able to bring that to the table now just the way that I did back then.”

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An exciting part of the business to her is seeing celebrities like Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman and Kacey Musgraves sport her pieces.

“It’s fun to see people who have this amazing style really include our pieces in what they wear,” she says.

Whether it’s creating new jewelry pieces for her line or helping out on music videos for Zac Brown Band, Shelly keeps a “do it yourself” attitude.

“I have no idea how other people do it, but it seems like we have two days before this video is going to shoot so we have to get all this stuff together. It’s high-intensity and adrenaline,” she says, adding that some of the wardrobe items from shoots are on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame. “To see such a huge part of your life laid out in a way like that brought tears to my eyes, because there are so many memories. Just to really be able to look at how much has happened and how much has been accomplished is amazing.”

Along with running her business and raising her and Zac’s five children, Shelly also provides an incredible opportunity to other kids through the inclusive camp she created with her husband called Camp Southern Ground.

“Camp Southern Ground was Zac’s dream from the time he was 14,” she says. “Over 10 years ago, on our first date, he told me he was going to start a camp for kids.”

She continues: “Every time we would live somewhere, we would end up buying an extra piece of land like, ‘That’s going to be where the camp is going to go.’ So when we got our house that we’re in now, it was just so meant to be.”

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Though Camp Southern Ground focuses on military families and children with neurological disorders, Shelly explains that they want to be able to serve everyone — and even gets emotional sharing the impact that the camp has had on these kids’ lives.

“Last summer, we had a lot of children who came to us who were on the autism spectrum,” she says. “We had one little boy in particular whose mom wrote us an email afterwards [about] how he had never been invited to a birthday party or anything like that. [After camp,] he had all of these friends and went home and talked about that.”

Through the camp, Shelly is teaching her kids — son Alexander, 3, and daughters Joni, 6, Georgia, 7, Lucy, 9, and Justice, 10 — that helping others is the “most important thing” and that the “world does not revolve around” them.

As for what she’s teaching her husband, it’s “to slow down a little bit and look around.”

“But there’s nothing that he loves more than those kids and [being] a daddy,” she says. “That’s what matters.”