'The Voice' Alum Whitney Fenimore Marries Olympian Kendall Wesenberg: 'It Feels Great to Have a Partner'

"There was always a part of me searching for my person, and that doesn't happen anymore, because she is literally right here next to me," Fenimore told PEOPLE

whitney fenimore
Whitney Fenimore and Kendall Wesenberg. Photo: Dani Rawson

The love story of Whitney Fenimore and Kendall Wesenberg began in 2019, when The Voice semi-finalistand the USA Olympian liked a few of each other's Instagram pics.

"It really was that simple," says Fenimore, 33, during a recent interview with PEOPLE. "Kendall and I started talking, and we never stopped."

From there, the talented twosome battled a series of challenges on their way to love, from a long-distance romance to a surging pandemic. But last month, the two proved that love always wins when they were married earlier this summer on the picturesque grounds of the Tahoe Mountain Club in California.

whitney fenimore
Kendall Wesenberg and Whitney Fenimore. Dani Rawson

"There was always a part of me searching for my person, and that doesn't happen anymore, because she is literally right here next to me," says Fenimore from the home the couple now shares in Nashville. "It feels great to have a partner and a teammate and a built-in encourager. That's what Kendall is for me and hopefully that's what I am to her."

It was June 4, 2022, when Fenimore and Wesenberg stood in front of 160 family and friends to profess their love towards one another. And in turn, all their guests gave that love right back to them.

"I come from like a pretty conservative Christian background," says Fenimore, who honeymooned with her new wife in St. Barths. "I knew that our marriage was going to be hard to take for a lot of my family. So having my dad walk me down the aisle was huge."

whitney fenimore
Whitney Fenimore. Alysse Gafkjen

Indeed, the road to this particular aisle hasn't always been easy.

"Faith is really important to my dad," the Oklahoma native continues. "So yes, it took some time to sort all of that out. And I think at the end of it, my dad chose to follow his heart instead of any religious scripture or whatever was in his head. As cliche as it sounds, love wins."

"Everyone was so loving and accepting of us as a couple," adds Wesenberg, 31, during an interview with PEOPLE. "We decided when we were doing invites that we weren't going to make any assumptions about where people fell or what their beliefs were. So we sent out a note with our invite basically saying, 'We respect if, whether because of money or COVID-19 or religious views or whatever, if you can't be here wholeheartedly, we respect your decision not to be here. So, I think it was really great that so many people did show up."

Both Fenimore and Wesenberg did in fact write their own vows for one another, a task that even had the accomplished songwriter a tad nervous.

whitney fenimore
Whitney Fenimore. Alysse Gafkjen

"I didn't know why I was having so much trouble," laughs Fenimore, who will release her new album Leaving Ashwood in September. "I was like, 'I should be able to do this.'"

Not surprisingly, the couple's wedding reception was one filled with music.

"We were just having a blast," says Wesenberg, who competes on the Skeleton World Cup circuit and was named to the U.S. Olympic team in Pyeongchang in 2018. "The dancing didn't stop. Whitney's parents were out there, and my parents were out there and our uncles and our cousins and our friends all got up and sang too."

"I was a little bit tipsy though," Fenimore admits with a laugh. "I was like, 'If I get a little tipsy, can I get up there and sing?' And everyone said yes. So, they had me sing a couple songs and I was living my best life in that moment."

It's certainly a welcome place to be, considering it wasn't too long ago that Fenimore found herself floundering when it came to her personal and professional life.

whitney fenimore
Kendall Wesenberg and Whitney Fenimore. Dani Rawson

"I didn't know what was ahead," Fenimore admits. "I was in a different relationship and ended up just needing to cut ties with everything that was going on in my life."

And it was these feelings she touches on in her new her single "It's Not Me", which has her joining forces with co-writer Nick Kingswell.

"It's about stepping into the unknown, but also knowing your worth," explains Fenimore. "The song really is about cutting ties with the things that maybe you are comfortable with, even though those things are sometimes not good for you. It was very hard to do that, but on the other side, beautiful things have unfolded, like my relationship with Kendall. If I didn't step out of some of those things that were dragging me down, I would've never met my wife."

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