We the Kingdom's Martin Cash Marries Sarah Tucker — All the Details from Their Christmas-Themed Wedding

The We the Kingdom drummer and his girlfriend of more than a year Sarah Tucker tied the knot on Dec. 4, less than two months after their engagement

Martin Cash Wedding
Sarah Tucker and Martin Cash. Photo: Jessica Steddom

Surprise! Martin Cash is married.

The We the Kingdom drummer and his girlfriend of more than a year, Sarah Tucker, tied the knot in a Christmas-themed wedding at Bloomsbury Farm in Smyrna, Tennessee, on Saturday, Dec. 4, PEOPLE can exclusively announce.

"Because the date happened to fall around the holiday season, we loved the idea of creating a day inspired by the nostalgia of Christmas," Tucker said ahead of the big day. "For instance, we wanted the last song played of the precessional to be 'O Holy Night,' especially because Martin used to always fall asleep to it as a kid."

Martin Cash Wedding
The venue. Jessica Steddom

Cash, 22, and Tucker, 26, were married by pastor Shane Ecklund, whom they met while attending young adults service when they were single.

"We think it's so special that he knew us both as individuals before we were dating," the couple said. "He's been a huge blessing to us."

Martin Cash Wedding
The ceremony. Jessica Steddom

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Self-described "suckers for all things old-fashioned," the couple recited traditional vows during their ceremony, which also put a spotlight on their faith.

"Our faith is extremely important to us, so being able to use church pews was so symbolic and special to us," the couple said. "Another one of our non-negotiables was having a ceremonial foot washing and communion as the first thing we did together after we gave our vows. We did this to signify a selfless love and give honor to Jesus as the center of our marriage."

Martin Cash Wedding
Martin Cash and Sarah Tucker. Jessica Steddom

Ahead of the wedding, Cash said that he was most looking forward to seeing Tucker — the owner of women's boutique Imago Dei in downtown Franklin, Tennessee — walk down the aisle.

"I can't even begin to guess what that will feel like — at the very least, I imagine it'll be the closest thing to heaven that I've seen yet," he said.

As for Tucker, she said she was "really looking forward" to walking down the aisle with her dad.

"The ceremony is being held outside, so there's this really pretty walk over a hill before I'm even able to see Martin," she said. "I think that will be a really sweet moment, and I can't wait or imagine what it will feel like to lock eyes with my love!"

Martin Cash Wedding
Sarah Tucker and Martin Cash. Jessica Steddom

Since the wedding happened just under two months after Cash proposed on Oct. 11, Tucker was concerned about getting a dress on time. Luckily, she found her perfect one by the brand Sarah Seven.

"I had always loved the brand Sarah Seven, and when I went to try on dresses with my mom and sister, that was the only brand they could even get in within that short amount of time!" she said.

Tucker accessorized with her mom's favorite ring that has the word "daughter" on it and shoes with a blue touch — her "something borrowed" and "something blue," respectively.

Martin Cash Wedding
Sarah Tucker. Jessica Steddom

The couple exchanged wedding bands by private jeweler Kathy Brooke in Nashville. Tucker's family friend, Catherine Nail, served as their wedding planner.

"We knew that if anyone could pull off an event this big in such a short amount of time, it would be her," the couple said. "After all, she did plan Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd's wedding. She's a rockstar."

Martin Cash Wedding
Martin Cash. Jessica Steddom

At the reception, the couple had a classic, family-style dinner of chicken, steak, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and mixed salad.

No Christmas dinner would be complete without milk and cookies, so the couple chose to serve the guests just that before their tinsel send-off. They also had a salted caramel wedding cake with heath bar and blackberry made by their friend Lizzie at Copper Whisk Cakes.

"We're having everybody pass bowls and dishes around the table," the couple said. "It's essentially a big, early Christmas dinner."

Martin Cash Wedding
Tucker-Cash wedding. Jessica Steddom

Cash and Tucker first met on an ultimate frisbee field and quickly became friends. A year later, their friendship turned romantic, and they started hanging out one-on-one.

"We basically haven't left each other's sides since," the couple said.

Martin Cash Wedding
Sarah Tucker and Martin Cash. Jessica Steddom

As for how they knew each other was "the one," Tucker said that she had a dream "early on" of Cash picking out engagement rings.

"That gave me an inner peace that I felt was from God," she said. "I can't really pinpoint an exact moment, but after that dream I feel like I just knew."

For Cash, he knew when he "wanted her to be my best friend."

Martin Cash Wedding
Martin Cash and his groomsmen. Jessica Steddom

Cash proposed on Oct. 11, the day he and his We the Kingdom bandmates — his dad Ed, uncle Scott, sister Franni Rae and close family friend Andrew Bergthold — got back in town after being on tour.

"I spent the entire morning running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get everything ready and set up while running on a very low tank of sleep," Cash said. "I took her to the property where we first kissed, which is pretty much a movie scene. It's stunning. We had wine and cheese and danced for a while, soaking it all in, because I knew I didn't want to rush into asking her. When the moment felt right, I popped the question, and here we are."

Cash decided to keep the news of their engagement offline because it was such an "intimate milestone." Tucker, meanwhile, deleted her Instagram shortly before Cash proposed and joked she likely would've "posted" about it had she not.

Martin Cash Wedding
Sarah Tucker and her bridal party. Jessica Steddom

Cash and Tucker decided to have their wedding shortly after getting engaged since December-February is typically "dry season" in terms of touring.

"It was important to me that I be home with my wife, especially for the first couple months of marriage," Cash said. "Not to mention, we both just love Christmas!"

Martin Cash Wedding
The décor. Jessica Steddom

To keep their relationship strong, Tucker puts an emphasis on being present.

"Be present when you're present," he said. "Also, don't be afraid to FaceTime, even if you don't talk. This has really helped when I'm out on the road. We'll both be working while FaceTiming, not speaking a word, just keeping each other company. It's another way for us to feel like we're still integrated in the day-to-day of each other's lives, regardless of how many miles are between us."

Martin Cash Wedding
Sarah Tucker and Martin Cash. Jessica Steddom

Adds Tucker: "Friendship is vital — because you always have it to fall back on."

Before their forever comes the honeymoon — which the couple will spend relaxing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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