Voice Alum Adam Wakefield Is Engaged to Actress Jenny Leigh — See Her Black Diamond Ring

"We truly are best friends," Adam Wakefield says of fiancée Jenny Leigh

Adam wakefield
Adam Wakefield and Jenny Leigh. Photo: Erika Rock

Adam Wakefield is engaged!

The Voice season 10 runner-up recently proposed to his girlfriend of nine years, country singer and actress Jenny Leigh, at a lakeside restaurant in Maryland while on vacation with her family — and PEOPLE has all the exclusive details.

"I knew I wanted to propose to Jenny in front of her family," Wakefield tells PEOPLE. "They're such great people, and I already feel like they treat me like family. I was originally going to put it in a crab shell, but luckily I was talked out of that one."

"The most important thing was that I wanted to surprise her," he continues. "She had no idea it was coming, so I think I got her pretty good."

Wakefield, 38, popped the question with a unique black diamond halo ring, which he found with the help of fellow Voice alum and Texas Hill trio-mate Craig Wayne Boyd. Leigh, 34, couldn't have been more impressed.

"He done good!" Leigh says. "I've always been attracted to darker diamonds but had/have little knowledge about rings — so little, in fact, that I thought my ring size was two sizes bigger than it actually is, so we have some adjustments to make."

Adam wakefield
Adam Wakefield and Jenny Leigh. Erika Rock

Wakefield first met Leigh — who recently appeared on CMT's Nashville and Lifetime's Patsy & Loretta — at a music festival in Baltimore nine years ago. When she told him she was also a singer, he invited her to a recording session to do some "gang vocals" (where a bunch of people sing together).

"None of the other vocalists showed up so she ended up doing the part by herself," Wakefield says. "I remember from the first note she sang, my — and everyone else's in the room — jaw dropped. I said then and there that I was going to marry her someday."

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Since they met at a time when neither of them was looking for a relationship, Leigh says they got to know each other "organically."

"Our musical connection intensified our bond and continues to do so," she says. "But most of all, life just wouldn't feel right without each other in it."

adam Wakefield
Adam Wakefield and Jenny Leigh. Erika Rock

When the coronavirus pandemic sent the U.S. into lockdown in March, Wakefield and Leigh's touring careers came to a halt. So for the past six months, they've gotten to spend more time together than they ever have.

"It's been a blessing — except maybe for all the time we spent trying to find a store that had toilet paper," Wakefield says. "We truly are best friends and love spending time and making music together as much as ever."

adam Wakefield
Adam Wakefield and Jenny Leigh. Erika Rock

Leigh says that she and Wakefield keep their relationship strong by always making "time to cook in and have date nights at home."

"We talk about what we're grateful for at the start of each meal," she says. "We've been through the wringer when it comes to adjusting to a new city, pursuing careers in the music industry, dating while touring, breaking up, getting back together, etc. No matter what happens, we always find our way back to one another."

"We think it's important to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to our relationship," she adds. "Our love is comfortable, and fun, and there's no one else we'd rather spend time with than each other."

Adam wakefield
Erika Rock

As to what they're most looking forward to about marriage itself, the couple says it's "the commitment to each other that it represents, and starting a family, of course!"

Next, Wakefield is set to perform during the Pure River Broadcast Live from the Ryman on Sept. 21, days before Wakefield, Boyd and Casey James will release Texas Hill's self-titled debut EP on the 25th.

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