Tucker Beathard Debuts His New Video for 'Rock On'

"The video takes a different look at the song," Beathard tells PEOPLE of the clip for "Rock On"


Filming his first video ever for his debut song, “Rock On,” left a surprising impression on Tucker Beathard.

First, there was the catering. “I couldn’t believe all the food on set!” Beathard tells PEOPLE. “They had every snack known to man and I was eating a lot.”

Then came the downside: hair and makeup. “Never been a fan of it,” says Beathard. “I don’t like getting all pretty boy’d up. It’s always weird, but you got to do what you got to do. It’s funny because now when I see these cool artists that I look up to in a music video, I am going to look at them like, ‘That dude is wearing makeup right now!’ ”

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But Beathard, 21, says the best part of making the clip for his tune about feeling regret over the one that got away, is leaving it open to interpretation.

“The video takes a different look at the song,” he says. “It takes it from more of the girl’s perspective in the sense of she went out to do her thing, but in reality she’s having a tough time with it. I guess from the video it looks like the guy got the better end of the deal and is cool with it. When you hear the song though, you think the girl is happy and doing her own thing and the guy singing it is the sad one. In the video it’s the other way around which is really cool. I like when things take on different meanings and people draw their own conclusions.”

And Beathard says despite the fact that he wrote the song, it’s not autobiographical.

“I was like 19 when I wrote it,” says the singer. “As a songwriter you just always got your radar on. It wasn’t about a serious girl for me, I just thought the one that got away was a relatable emotion. The title and idea came to me and I just had to take advantage of it.”

See behind-the-scenes of the “Rock On” video shoot below:

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