Trisha Yearwood Says Husband Garth Brooks Was 'Trolling' Her Recording Session with Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson said that she initially had no idea that Garth Brooks would be her producer

Kelly Clarkson worked with Trisha Yearwood on the country star’s latest album, Every Girl — but it turns out that Yearwood’s husband and country star Garth Brooks was also subtly trying to collaborate with the American Idol alum!

Yearwood, 54, stopped by Clarkson’s new talk show on Monday, and the two vocal powerhouses got to reminiscing about working together.

“It’s just amazing what you bring,” Yearwood said to Clarkson, 37. “I know you could probably — everyone you sing with, you make them sound better. But I love our voices together. I love singing with you.”

“Yeah, let’s do more!” Clarkson said, to cheers from the audience.

“What’s funny is the first time we got to record together… I got there, and I had no idea that her husband was going to be, like, producing it,” Clarkson said — Yearwood’s husband being the country megastar Brooks, 57.

Tricia Yearwood
The Kelly Clarkson Show

“I’ll tell you, I have never been more nervous about sounding good. Because I was like, you’re there already, that was nerve-wracking enough, and then your husband, who’s you know, Garth freaking Brooks, walks in,” Clarkson continued. “Literally, he was producing me. I was peeing my pants.”

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Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks. Getty Images

“He was trolling my session to try to get you to work with him. That’s totally what he was doing,” Yearwood said.

“I was literally about to die,” Clarkson said. “‘Cause I was so nervous. Both of you. I mean you’re just such this power couple.”

Later in their conversation, Yearwood revealed the inspiration behind her latest album’s title.

“The truth is that I went in to make a record for fun. I’m 54 years old, I’m a woman, my expectations of what was going to happen with this record were not super high,” Yearwood said.

“So I just was like, ‘I just want to make a record I love.’ And I wasn’t thinking about singles, I wasn’t thinking about radio — which is what we should be doing, if you want to call yourself an artist, you make art, that’s what you do. And then you figure out what to do with it.”

Yearwood added that the meaning behind the song “Every Girl in This Town” spoke to her, and that’s the track she decided to name the album after.

“And this song was one of the first ones I heard and I just liked it. I liked what it said. Basically, it has a line that says, ‘You got this baby, so what if you don’t?’ I love that line because it’s like, we’re always trying to be so perfect, and it’s really nice when we’re told it’s okay to not be perfect.”

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