Heading to Tortuga This Weekend? The Top Tips for Staying Cool and Looking Hot in the Florida Sun

Carly Pearce, Cassadee Pope, Lindsay Ell, RaeLynn and more share their secrets to beating the heat at the festival, coming to Fort Lauderdale April 12-14

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To ensure your make up doesn't sweat right off in the heat, bring oil blotting pads. I always buy mine at Sephora and they take the shine right off!

Stay extra hydrated. Usually there's drinking involved and you don't even realize that your body is working extra hard in the heat. For every drink, down some water!

I love wearing my hair in cute messy buns, low braids or high ponytails because the heat is so strong. Ain't nobody got time for hair sticking to the back of your neck! Am I right, ladies?!

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The key to a successful festival trip with your friends is comfort!

Whatever you wear, make sure it's not flowy (in case it's windy), good walking shoes are a must, and make sure to pack sunscreen. Getting sunburnt on the first day is a sure-fire way to ruin your weekend!

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Gus Stewart/Redferns

Tortuga is a guaranteed good time with your girls ... but to ensure you're ready for it all don't forget to wear sunscreen, as well as a spray-in sunscreen for your hair (one of my fav things!).

Sunglasses and a hairstyle that's gonna stay out of your way is always a good way to go — braids, top knot or high pony.

Take every photo op you see, and most importantly soak up that SUN. 😎

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When it comes to festival season, I always remember to bring dry shampoo (Not Your Mother's is my fave) and the Hangover Replenshing Setting Spray by Too Faced! I'm obsessed with those products. (Editor's Note: RaeLynn is a Too Faced partner.)

Another must-have, especially when you're out in the sun, is a pair of super fun sun glasses (they're also great for hiding that mascara dripping down your face from sweating).

I love how the style is super free and open at festivals. Some girls are wearing vintage Ts, and some are wearing the cutest swimsuit cover up over their suit.

I personally love wearing my hair up, a cute hat or in braids. That way it lasts all day.

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Fanny packs are the future for festivals, ladies. Make a trip to Target, hit the travel-sized toiletries, and snag a fanny to pack all of your mini newfound goodies in.

Personally, dry shampoo, sunglasses and sunscreen are must haves for me!

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Be conscious about what you wear! Black is an easy color to match for an outfit, but it absorbs everything coming from the sun! Light colored and light weight fabrics (such as cotton/linen/rayon) keep us so much cooler in the heat so we can party on!

Be intentional about using apps like Find My iPhone and Find Friends and bring your own phone charger in your backpack/purse. It may feel like you're going overboard with caution, but it's worth it to be safe in the middle of large crowds.

Keep a head count of your people and roll call whenever you're walking somewhere new!

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