The singer champions the rise of "non-politicians"
Credit: Richard Mclaren

In his country career, Toby Keith hasn’t shrunk from rankling the Nashville mainstream, so it’s no surprise that the singer is rooting for the outsiders in this year’s presidential race.

“The cool thing is that the people who are making the most noise and getting the most poll points are non-politicians,” he tells PEOPLE. “I hope the whole race turns into non-politicians. It would fix the whole thing if you get somebody who doesn’t have a political bone in their body.”

While he wouldn’t drop names, Keith said he’d love to see someone with business sense in office. “With a business person who knows the difference between right and wrong, instead of right and left, we’d have a chance to go forward,” he says. “With all the division in the world now – we’re polarized right wing, left wing, cops and blacks – it looks to me like we’re headed for turmoil in every way. The world looks like it’s on fire. You’ve got to get the politicians and the agendas out of the way and get somebody in there that might take it over and save old Uncle Sam.”

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With business execs Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina riding high among the Republican contenders, Keith sounds like he’s leaning right, but, he says, it’s a mistake to pin him to one party.

“On the Democratic side Bernie [Sanders] is rocking it a little bit too. He’s making them screw their hats down,” he says. “It’s funny because the second I came out with a song that supported the troops, to the left I was the devil and to the right I became a Republican. I’m an independent now and I’ve never been a Republican. Nobody does their homework and I don’t try to put out all the fires but I’m a guy who voted for Clinton twice and Bush twice. I’ll try to pick a guy who is the lesser of two evils but it ain’t never the guy I really want.”

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