Tish Cyrus tells PEOPLE Now she successfully "tamed" husband Billy Ray

June 01, 2017 02:05 PM

Tish Cyrus may not be a night owl anymore, but there was definitely a time when she could party with the best of them.

“I used to be so fun,” she tells PEOPLE Now after daughter Brandi revealed that Tish is in bed nice and early these days.

Brandi agreed, noting that Tish met her father, Billy Ray, at a club. However, the mother of five said it wasn’t her wild ways that attracted the country crooner.

“Do you know the first thing he said to me?” she asked host Jeremy Parsons before answering her own question.

” ‘I’ve never seen you drink, ever, and I think that’s so cool,'” she shares, noting that her friends at the time were “so rowdy.’ “

Tish admits she let loose a bit after the pair became an item, but says she was the one who ultimately “tamed him.”

Tish and Brandi, 30, have a new interior design show on Bravo called Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design & Conquer — but the famous matriarch says she was initially hesitant to sign on, having seen how nasty some reality-based series can get.

“Over the years, I’ve been offered quite a few reality shows, and a lot of times they’re about bickering and drama,” she says in the new issue of PEOPLE. “I watch some of the Housewives, and that can create some real tension in your family!”

However, when a colleague at her production company pitched her a design series, her interest was piqued.

“Everybody knows I’m interior-design obsessed because when I got my office, I came in and painted everything and put all-white furniture in. People would literally go, ‘Can we just stop by and peek in your office? We heard it’s fabulous,’ ” she says. “He came to me and pitched me this idea, and it was working with Brandi, which was so awesome, and in this space, I was like, ‘I absolutely love it.’ ”

Kevin Mazur/Getty

And it’s a family affair! Husband Billy Ray and their children — Trace, 27, Miley, 24, Braison, 23, and Noah, 17 — will make guest appearances on the show.

“I think there’s an interest surrounding our family; it’s not just Miley, but it’s Noah and me and Billy Ray and Brandi and Trace and everyone,” Tish says. “People seem to love us, as a family, and I think it’s really cool because each of them ended up making an appearance on the show. I love it. I was worried in the beginning, that it might turn into something that wasn’t an interior design show — but this is the perfect mix.”

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