Timmy Brown Releases 'If You Were Here' About Late Grandma Who 'Kept Our Family Going'

The rising country star also reveals that his upcoming album Good Life will be released on May 14

Timmy Brown is honoring his late grandma in a special way.

On March 5, the rising country star released his latest single, "If You Were Here." Throughout the emotional music video, premiering on PEOPLE Wednesday, photos of Brown and his family spending time with his beloved grandma can be seen in a gorgeous display.

"I wrote this song for my grandmother who passed away five years ago after battling breast cancer," he tells PEOPLE. "She was always a big supporter in my music and pushed me to do something I loved."

The singer goes on to describe his late grandma as the Brown family matriarch, "She kept our family going and was always there for us through the good and the bad. I was able to talk about three generations in this song, starting with my grandfather and what he has been up to since she passed. Then my dad."

Timmy Brown
Timmy Brown. Justin Mayotte
Timmy Brown
Timmy Brown. Justin Mayotte

Brown concludes the moving song with lyrics that depict his personal perspective on losing his grandma. "I decided to finish the song telling her what I have been doing since I have moved to Tennessee to chase this dream of mine," he says. "My family misses her so much and I hope people can connect with this song about a loved one they have lost in the past."

"If You Were Here" begins with Brown singing of his grandpa's painful experience as a widower. After the death of his wife, Brown's grandfather was forced to relocate to Boston from their home — a new city which the crooner describes as "1,3000 miles from where you lay. Where [Grandpa] used to visit every single day and he's still all alone."

Timmy Brown
Timmy Brown. Justin Mayotte

Brown sings, "If you were here we'd still be Sunday cooking right before the game / And the laundry would be all be folded and your house would look the same / And our family would be smiling instead of wiping off our tears / And I know it'd be fine if you were here."

"If You Were Here" is sure to evoke emotions as music listeners are taken through the process of grieving a loved one.

The meaningful song appears on Brown's upcoming album Good Life — produced by Joshua Gleave — which PEOPLE can announce will be released on May 14.

See the complete track listing below:

Timmy Brown
Timmy Brown, Good Life cover art. Justin Mayotte

1. That's Where You Come In (Timmy Brown, Ryan Robinette, Davis Branch)

2. Summer Of Us (Joshua Gleave, Chris Young, Eric Paslay)

3. If You Were Here (Timmy Brown, Joshua Gleave)

4. Play It By Beer (Charlotte Sands, Joshua Gleave)

5. Nothing to See Here (Chris Young, Joshua Gleave, Johnny Bulford)

6. You Do (Joshua Gleave, Johnny Bulford, Isaac Harris)

7. That's How We Drink Here (Timmy Brown, Regan Stewart, Christopher Housman)

8. See Through (Timmy Brown, Joshua Gleave, Blake Densmore)

9. Wish You Knew Me Better (Timmy Brown, Joshua Gleave, Christopher Moreno)

10. Good Life (Timmy Brown, Joshua Gleave)

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