Watching McGraw's new "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" video got us searching YouTube – and finding some gems
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

Tim McGraw just came out with a music video featuring his wife, Faith Hill, that lets us once again pretend (if only for a moment) that we’re part of the couple’s picture-perfect marriage.

McGraw’s new single, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,” is filled with all the country nostalgia you’d expect from a song about southern breezes and dirt roads, galloping horses and sunny porches – and, of course, copious shots of McGraw and Hill holding hands and harmonizing.

Watching the couple on screen sent us down the rabbit hole on YouTube, and we dug up some pretty amazing duet videos – dating all the way back to when they fell in love on Tim’s Spontaneous Combustion tour. So now, turn up the volume, close your office door and prepare to say “Awww!” to our favorites:

"It’s Your Love", McGraw, 1997
This video, in all of its ’90s glory, showcases the early stages of the couple’s romance – it was released one year after they were married in Rayville, Louisiana, near his hometown. There is something very Romeo and Juliet-esque about the video, with the grand staircases and chandeliers, and the happy couple fits right into the scenery as they sing about “the spell” of their love.

"Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me", Hill, 1998
Though not straying from their country roots in sound, the couple experiments with a minimalist black-and-white backdrop to depict their love in this clip. The result? A video that feels very, very intimate, filled with soulful gazes and gentle caresses. Fret not, though: McGraw’s signature black cowboy hat hasn’t gone anywhere.

"Let’s Make Love", Hill & McGraw, 1999
If there was ever a way to prove the saying, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl,” this video would be it. The lovebirds travel to Paris for this sexy song about, well, lovemaking, but instead of making a NSFW video, they keep it romantic (not raunchy!) in the City of Light.