During an appearance on Today, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill opened up about the secret to their 21-year marriage

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have learned a thing or two about love during their 21-year marriage.

During an appearance on Today to promote their new collaborative album The Rest Of Our Life, when asked what made their relationship work so well, McGraw, 50, immediately pointed at his wife before saying, “Well, she tolerates a lot, I think that’s probably the main reason.”

“You tolerate a lot too. I’m not the easiest person,” Hill, 50, added, before admitting that one of the biggest secrets might just be that, “We do actually like one another.”

McGraw also revealed that when it comes to driving the relationship, they’re both active decision makers.

“Well the car I drive, the relationship she drives,” he joked before adding that, “It’s pretty even. We make decisions about things in different ways, but we always talk about it before we do it. And you know, having three daughters, we sort of acquiesced to mom quite a bit on those decisions.”

Tim McGraw (left) and Faith Hill
| Credit: NBC

After the couple performed some of the biggest songs alongside their new single “The Rest Of Our Life,” they elaborated on some of the other keys to a successful long-term relationship.

“First and foremost you should be able to argue and you should be able to have discussions or yelling matches or whatever,” McGraw said.

“Yeah, those are fun sometimes,” Hill added. “I know how to press this guy’s buttons.”

“But I think the key is,” he continued, “You can go into an argument and your first thought shouldn’t always be ‘Should I be in this relationship?’ That should be the last thought you have in an argument.”

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And they also promoted their new Showtime special Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul, which is the first special McGraw and Hill have made together.

“I don’t wanna call it a concert special — there’s a lot of concert footage in it, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes and some interviews and some sort of revealing things about us and our relationship and our personal lives that we haven’t shared before,” McGraw said, before admitting that he was nervous to watch the special because he hates seeing himself on screen.

Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET.