The Adorable Love Story of Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren

Visual proof that Rhett might be the cutest husband ever

Photo: Joseph Llanes

We’ve known for some time now that Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are one of the cutest couples in Nashville – heck, Rhett put the moves on his wife in the PEOPLE photo booth at the CMA Awards, and we all swooned.

So it’s no surprise that in his bid for ACM new artist of the year (voting ended Feb. 10), he yet again tugged at our heart strings and showed a little history – including the adorably awkward yet lovable teen, getting-to-know-you years – of their relationship.

The first clip we see is of them sitting at a piano in 2005 while Rhett plays Céline Dion‘s “My Heart Will Go On,” but they’re still “just friends.” The video goes on to show precious moments of the couple, from cute high school photos to their wedding back in 2012.

Thomas, we have no way of knowing if you’ll win new artist of the year, but as far as we’re concerned, you’ve won most adorable husband of the year!

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