The siblings say they're not very good at relaxing – even on the beach

By Danielle Anderson
Updated April 07, 2015 05:05 PM
Slaven Vlasic/Getty

The Band Perry is one of the hardest-working acts in music, but that doesn’t mean when the siblings get a rare day off, they spend it just lounging around – not even when they’re on the beach.

“Our ideal beach day is doing nothing,” says Reid Perry, who along with his sister Kimberly and brother Neil will play the Tortuga Music Festival on April 12 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “But I’ll be honest with you, most of our beach days include a workout. That tends to be what we do on the beach.”

That doesn’t mean they aren’t having fun, though. Just ask Kimberly, who says, thanks to her honeymoon, her favorite beach pastime is now paddle boarding.

“When [husband] J.P. [Arencibia] and I got to honeymoon in Maui, it was my first time there and I really, really love paddle boarding,” she tells PEOPLE. “We would get up early in the morning and do like two hours of paddle boarding. I also got to snorkel for the first time.”

But she admits her way of snorkeling is a little different.

“I’m a very defensive snorkeler,” Kimberly says. “I mean, while everybody else is enjoying the fish, I’m spending my time looking for sharks – I’m totally on shark patrol.”

And apparently, working the shark beat has its share of scares.

“All of a sudden, I see this really big fish coming towards us,” she says. “Come to find out it was a manta ray, and it was swimming right beside us! I kind of had a freak-out moment. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified.”

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