Taylor Swift Sweetly Bonds with a Teen Patient at Cancer Center

The pop star hangs out with Shelby Huff, a 17-year-old with aplastic anemia

Photo: Courtesy Shelby's Journey

Grab some Kleenex before watching Taylor Swift‘s latest video.

The pop star visited the pediatric cancer floor of a New York City hospital on Saturday and spent hours with the patients, including 17-year-old Shelby Huff, whose family videotaped the sweet interaction between the two.

With Shelby’s sister joining in via Skype, Swift and Huff quickly bonded, chatting about music (Huff has been learning guitar for a year; Swift checked the calluses on her fingers) and movies (Huff wants to see Divergent; Swift suggested reading the book first).

They also touched on a weightier topic – Huff’s illness. Diagnosed with aplastic anemia in 2012, she had a bone-marrow transplant in October, but recently developed post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease, a form of lymphoma, and Von Willebrand disease.

“I’m sorry you’re having to go through this at 17,” Swift told Huff, who replied: “I’d rather go through it than a little baby, you know?”

“Oh my God, that’s an incredible thing to say. That’s probably the most courageous thing I’ve ever heard anyone say,” said Swift.

The “Red” singer was due to be at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for an hour, but spent almost five hours there.

“We are still in awe,” Huff’s mother later wrote on Facebook. “Taylor Swift is a class act all around, she was so sweet, compassionate, asked US questions, got on skype with my other daughter, stayed in our room and talked with us and was completely down to earth. Thank you Taylor, you are a beautiful woman inside and out!!”

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