Tayler Holder Is Single — but Still Finds Love in the New Acoustic Version of 'Marry You'

"This version means a lot because of how stripped down and vulnerable it is," the TikTok star and rising country artist tells PEOPLE

TikTok star Tayler Holder was completely in love when he co-wrote his rising country single "Marry You."

"When I first met this person, I totally fell for them," says Holder, 25, to PEOPLE about the one who inspired the song that he co-wrote "a couple years ago" alongside CB30's Christian and Brody Clementi. "Just everything about [this person] was everything that I wanted my partner to be, so I wrote this song about going through that process of meeting and hanging out — all these moments that would lead up to one day, you know, marrying this individual."

But things have changed since then.

"I think we've decided we're better friends from a distance," says Holder from a recording studio in Nashville. "It's always funny to talk about this now because I'm obviously single, looking for love every day of my life over here."

Understandably, his change in relationship status certainly makes it a tad more awkward for Holder to now talk about the brand-new acoustic version of "Marry You," premiering exclusively on PEOPLE.

"Obviously, the original version is very beautiful," he says. "But this version means a lot because of how stripped down and vulnerable it is. It just gives it that extra little taste of how pure the song is with just the piano behind it."

Tayler Holder Is Single, But Still Finds Love in the New Acoustic Version of “Marry You”
Tayler Holder/youtube

And on the stripped-down version of "Marry You," Holder gives listeners a taste of the sound that just might infiltrate the Nashville music scene very soon. But as impressive as his voice is, it may be his vulnerability that will make him downright irresistible to an audience craving a brand-new male superstar.

"It really just gets to show off my vocals a little bit more too without all the kicks and the drums and all the production added in with it," says Holder, whose first tattoo was inspired by the year his mom and dad were born.

An impressive vocal range is just one of the many talents of the kid from Dallas who raced dirt bikes since the age of 3 and later evolved into a self-proclaimed "sports junkie" playing baseball and football. But at the age of 7 years old, in the middle of continuing to create lifestyle content for his fans on social media, he started singing.

"I was not good at singing at all, to be honest with you," he says. "I just loved it though. I worked at it every single day — singing and practicing."

And yes, Holder admits there was a time that he wasn't a very good boyfriend either. "I would cheat on my girlfriends," he says. "I was young, I was stupid. By no means am I a perfect individual. That's the beauty of growing up, you know?"

The singer/songwriter draws in a deep breath.

"I learned the most valuable things in my life from everything that I've f---ed up," he says quietly. "But anyone that really knows me, knows my heart."

And it's this heart he would love Nashville to see.

"I feel like God's telling me to do this," he concludes. "It's never been more clear in my life. This is where I need to be. I trusted what was going on and what I was feeling. It just feels right."

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