Steve Moakler's New Single 'Push' Tells a Tale of Love, Commitment — and a Whole Bunch of Faith

The country musician admits that loving a music man isn't always easy. And that's the reality that weaves through the lyrics of his latest song

Steve Moakler is living the country music dream.

On this particular day, he finds himself sitting in his truck in the parking lot of a Wisconsin gas station after yet another stop on his Hometowns & Campgrounds tour. By his side is his wife of six years, Gracie, and their 10-month-old son, Jack. Behind him is the Airstream that the family calls home when they’re out on the road. And make no mistake, Moakler wouldn’t want it any other way.

But even he admits that loving a music man isn’t always easy. And that’s the reality that weaves through the lyrics of his new single “Push.”

“This song came from all of those conversations that Gracie and I would have before we went to bed, the conversations when we would talk about things we were struggling with,” Moakler, 31, says of “Push,” which PEOPLE is exclusively premiering a visual for above. “At the end of those conversations, I always tried my best to assure her that I wasn’t going to let her fight any battle alone. I was always going to be here.”

And he has been — from the moment the two exchanged vows in Franklin, Tennessee, back in 2013 to these days that are filled with the twists and turns that come with being a country singer on the rise.

“Sometimes the mere title of a song leads you to the song’s heart, and that’s what happened with this song,” Moakler says of the tune, which is off his upcoming album Blue Jeans, set for release in January. “I played off the word ‘Push’ with two friends of mine, and it quickly became a song that tells a piece of the narrative of my marriage.”

He takes a brief moment to pause, and then he continues.

“When times are tough, we have to remind each other that we have chosen each other,” says Moakler, who served as a co-writer on Dierks Bentley’s massive hit “Riser.” “There are days when we don’t feel as close, but those are the days we really need to dig in and have the hard conversations and make sure we both know that neither of us are going anywhere. When you push through, you can find magic.”

And yes, the magic part feels extra good, especially when there is a little one looking up to you.

“[Jack] has made me more emotional, for sure,” he says. “He makes me feel things deeper.”

And while his personal life has taken Moakler to brand new heights, his professional life is also on an ascent upwards. Not only will the Pittsburgh native release his new album in January, but he also will be teasing fans with three pockets of songs in the coming months, with the first ‘pocket’ set for release on Friday.

“Sonically, this record is a big evolution from my last two albums,” says Moakler, whose previous single “Slow Down” has hit over six million streams. “On ‘Push,’ we even adjusted the recording process so I actually sang a little higher than I usually do. I wanted to push my voice a bit, and it certainly makes for a different sound than what I have done in the past.”

steve moakler
Steve Moakler. Spencer Combs

And while Moakler has no plans to change his distinctive sound nor slow down both personally or professionally as he continues to push towards his dreams, he does admit that the uncertainty of one’s future can leave even the strongest man a tad weak.

But that’s when he calls on his faith.

“For me, at the end of the day, I believe God loves us and that He has great plans for us, and I mean that for everyone,” he says. “Everyone comes against hard things in their relationships and their career, but if you have faith and you have hope, you can find a way to press in and get through the hard stuff.”

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