Country singer Stephanie Quayle relives her Montana childhood by going on tour in a camper

By Katie Kauss
August 31, 2017 11:35 AM
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Releasing a full-length country music album is no easy feat. It takes time, determination, a lot of hard work and many artists might say a little bit of luck. But if all goes according to plan, you might hit that elusive jackpot of a No. 1 record. Stephanie Quayle has checked off many of these necessary music industry requirements and with wildly successful pre-sale orders, the singer is releasing her new album Love The Way You See Me on Sept. 1 — a week earlier than announced — as a special surprise for her fans, aptly named the “Flock of Quayle.”

“This album is a blend of my songs that I’ve co-written and songs that I’ve found and fallen in love with,” Quayle tells PEOPLE. “There’s every emotion covered, except super angry — I don’t really do angry.” And for her flock who can’t wait until Friday to hear the new album, they can stream it exclusively above.

Her latest single, “Winnebago” has inspired an epic summer tour adventure that would make any road-tripper jealous. She’s spent the past two months crisscrossing the country in, what else, a Winnebago playing for fans at KOA campgrounds from Cooperstown, New York to Winnemucca, Nevada.

“When I first heard the song “Winnebago” it was super nostalgic,” Quayle explains. “Growing up in Montana, my grandparents had an RV and we would jump in it every summer and drive to Minnesota to see our family. When we decided that “Winnebago” was going to be the next single, I told my team I have to go live this song — what a cool way to go experience this country.”

The camping lifestyle is a comfortable one for the “Drinking with Dolly” singer, who admits that as a kid “we would throw tents and saddles bags on our horses and go up into the mountains to camp.” So it’s no surprise that one of her favorite parts of the Winnebago tour was “sitting on the porch of a KOA cabin listening to the birds chirp, drinking a cup of coffee, soaking it all in.” Her other favorite part? Meeting her fans of course!

“When we arrived in Fillmore, Utah there was a huge sign that read “the Fillmore Flock welcomes Stephanie Quayle” and it was really special to connect with them,” she says. Quayle shares that the warmth of all the campers she met on her tour left a lasting impression. “They were so kind and took so much time to learn about me and my music.”

Credit: Amaryllis Lockhart

Whether she was playing around a campfire or with full production on a stage in a barn, the unique style of the tour allowed Quayle to connect intimately with fans, hear their stories and create lifelong memories for both herself and her flock.

Love The Way You See Me is available for pre-order here.