Sophia Scott Says Her Debut EP Has 'Something for Everyone' and Hopes It 'Makes You Feel Less Alone'

One of These Days is out now and includes two previously unreleased songs by the country rising star

Sophia Scott (2022)
Sophia Scott. Photo: Alex Berger

Sophia Scott wore her heart on her sleeve when writing her debut EP — and because of it, she managed to create the perfect combination of summer singalongs and tear-jerking breakup ballads.

After years of writing and recording music, country music's rising star Scott released her debut EP titled One of These Days on Thursday, an utterly relatable six-track collection that the singer says has "a little bit of something for everyone."

The EP is named after her track with the same title, which Scott, 31, says is her "favorite" because it marked the first time she was able to tap into her vulnerable side and implement it in her songwriting.

"It was the first time I feel like I let my emotions go, and talked about some really deep stuff that happened during my childhood, my life, my career and my own first experience with love. I was really holding onto that song for quite some time because it felt really precious to me and I wanted the timing to be right," she tells PEOPLE.

She continued, "[It] became this reminder to me that through any hardship, or traumatic event or struggle that I go through there's strength and growth on the other side of that. And so that's sort of the overall theme of the EP. There's obviously some sadder songs, and some happier songs, but I think there's a little bit of something for everybody."

The EP opens with her energetic track "Don't Tempt Me," which Scott says is a song about her "FOMO" (fear of missing out) and her "inability to say no to a good time with my friends."

Her next track "Sweethearts" is a soft, guitar-backed anthem and an "unconventional Valentine's Day song that is more or less an ode to my high school sweetheart, my first relationship." She also says it celebrates the "first-time feeling" and wishing your first love "well."

Sophia Scott (2022)
Sophia Scott. Alex Berger

The EP then takes a turn with her woman empowerment anthem "Leather Skirt," which she wrote after watching Charlie's Angels. Her next song is "One of These Days," and it's followed by her "oldest" but "arguably the most important" called "Side Effects."

"It is really about mental health and addiction, and just various relationships that I've had with people [where] I've had to struggle with that," the "She Ain't Me" singer says. "And although I wrote it from a really vulnerable, emotional place ... after I wrote it and put it out, I think just seeing the response and the people that are clearly going through this ... I just think that I've realized how much these conversations aren't happening enough."

At the end of the day, Scott's mission was to "tell a story of who I am." And only 30 minutes ahead of the release, Scott shared a video to her Instagram Story saying she felt "a lot of emotions" — though she spent her release night resting, watching The Kardashians and eating "chicken and fries." That is, until the real celebration kicks in next week at her EP party.

As for what's to come, Scott is ready to take her new music on the road and says dates for live performances are coming soon, though she will be performing at CMA Fest on June 12.

And despite her big release, the "Sex on the Beach" singer also says new music is already on the way as she teases one about someone she considers her biggest inspiration.

"There's a song that I wrote specifically about my mom and just how I feel like we relate, and also just in the ways that I've always grew up wanting to be her and looking at her as my idol."

One of These Days is out now.

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