Shania Twain Wasn't Joking About Post Malone Collab — but 'If He Doesn't Want It, No Problem'

"I'm not strategizing. If he doesn't want it, it's no problem, but I have definitely [written a song for him]," the country legend told PEOPLE

Last month while speaking on The Talk, Shania Twain surprised many when she said she wanted to collaborate with rapper Post Malone — and had even already written a song for them. A few weeks later, her phone hasn’t rung… yet!

“I’m not strategizing. If he doesn’t want it, it’s no problem, but I have definitely [written a song for him,]” she told PEOPLE. “So we’ll see. I’m a fan of his anyway. I really love it. I love his voice.”

Twain is certainly familiar with Malone’s music, as she included his song “Rockstar” in an acoustic medley during her American Music Awards performance (per the video below, Malone loved it). She also covered other top artists before segueing into her own songs.

For many, it was somewhat shocking to hear Twain open her show-ending performance with songs from Malone, Taylor Swift and Drake that night. Even her own team wasn’t in on her plan, only finding out a few days before. The artists themselves weren’t made aware either.

“I hesitated for a long time to tell anybody that I was planning on it,” she said. “I didn’t want to be talked out of it, but I knew that it would make people nervous. And I thought if I tell too many people too early, they’re going to talk me out of it because it’s a little bit of a different thing to do.”

Shania twain
Jeff Kravitz/Filmmagic

“I did it because they’re fans of mine. They’re all very open about that. I’m fans of theirs, so I just thought how cool to break their music down into my acoustic singing songwriter style,” she said. “It was self-serving because those are songs I’m a fan of. I like to sit around and just sing, and that broke my own nerves to get out there and do my other stuff.”

Shania Twain Vegas residency
Shania Twain. Denise Truscello

Twain’s music is hardly “other stuff,” as she’s one of the biggest selling musical artists of all time. Over the weekend she began a 23-show Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood. It’s her second Vegas residency.

“There’s a special spirit about Las Vegas,” she said. “Most people that come to town are here to enjoy themselves. So they’re here with a good spirit already. It’s not like they need to be convinced to, like, let their hair down and enjoy themselves. That’s what they’re here to do. And so you’re already in a winning scenario there, and it makes it easier in the sense that the vibe is already set.”

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