Country Rocker Scott Stevens Shows Off His Sentimental Side on New Single 'Come Home to Me'

"My dream had always been to be able to support my family with my music, but when the going gets rough, I'm blessed to be able to suit up and do my thing as a lawyer," Stevens tells PEOPLE

It was 2020 and Scott Stevens had no idea what to do next.

After spending years chasing his dreams of music stardom and eventually scoring a much sought-after record deal, the country rocker found himself dealing with a pandemic that brought his career to a crashing halt. And to make the situation even more precarious, his third baby was on the way.

"It was time for Daddy to get his suit back on and get back into court," Stevens, 36, tells PEOPLE. "My dream had always been to be able to support my family with my music, but when the going gets rough, I'm blessed to be able to suit up and do my thing as a lawyer."

scott stevens
The Stevens Family. CODY Villalobos

Indeed, while Stevens finds himself on the cusp of releasing his debut album, he also finds himself spending a portion of his time in the courtrooms of downtown Nashville as a practicing civil rights attorney.

"I'm going to court two to three days a week doing criminal defense work," says Stevens, who spends much of his time these days juggling court dates with tour dates. "I like to think that most of the time, my job is essentially just assuring people's freedoms and constitutional rights. It's about making sure that what was supposed to happen happens, and no one gets taken advantage of."

scott stevens
Scott Stevens. EDEN LAUREN

Stevens has long found himself balancing two very different lives, making the decision long ago to attend law school while also dreaming of a career in music.

"I remember starting a job right after graduation and thinking that it was just the most boring thing ever," remembers Stevens, who attended law school at the University of Alabama. "I looked at the girl I was dating (who is now my wife) and I said, 'Look, I don't want to lose you. But I've got to go to Nashville.'"

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So 10 years ago, Stevens did just that. And now, after seven years of marriage to wife Katie and three kids later, he finds himself at that precious spot of his life where everything has come together in the sweetest of collisions.

"I've been blessed to be able to kind of do it all," he says. "But sometimes, it's pretty intense."

Not surprising, considering that every weekend, Stevens comes home from being out on the road to find Katie along with three kids under the age of 5 waiting for him to walk through the door.

"All the kids are getting their own personalities right now, which is so cool," Stevens says of 4-year-old son Henry, 2-year-old son John and 13-month-old daughter Annie. "You start seeing them become good people and helping and caring for each other. Just watching my two boys take care of my little girl is just one of the most rewarding things. I can bawl right here just thinking about it."

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And it's the love he has for all of them that inspired his new single "Come Home to Me," a song with retro roots premiering exclusively on PEOPLE. Delivered with a drawl that comes from the center of his country soul, Stevens refers to the song that he wrote alongside Alex Marshall as a tribute to his better half.

"There ain't nothing like coming home to my girl," says Stevens of his wife before letting out a laugh. "We actually got to go out the other night for the first time in a couple of months."

scott stevens
The Stevens Family. CODY Villalobos

He grows quiet.

"I'm a happy man right now," he concludes. "I love getting to be a lawyer and raise three kids and do music. Honestly, I just want to keep moving and doing everything I can and hope it pays off."

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