Sara Evans' new album Words is out now

By Nicole Sands
August 10, 2017 05:40 PM

Sara Evans could not ask for more when it comes to her success and the constant outpouring of support from those around her, but when it comes to country music as a whole, she would like to see more women in the spotlight.

“Country music and the country genre is really lacking women right now,” the singer, 46, tells PEOPLE Now while chatting about her eighth studio album Words, which features 14 female songwriters including Ashley Monroe, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott and up-and-coming country singer Caitlyn Smith.

“There are like two women on the Top 50 charts in country, and so I think people are really longing to hear women singing. This album is packed full of sad songs and love songs and breakup songs” she says about the tracks on Words, which is quickly climbing the top country charts.

In fact, Evans reveals that her hit “I Don’t Trust Myself” was the last song stuck in her head “because it’s quickly becoming the most popular song on the record, so I’ve been singing that one over and over and over and over.”

While some of the most favored tunes at the moment seem to be more male driven, she hopes her music will connect with the ladies who are experiencing the same sorts of feelings and emotions she touches on in her lyrics.

“There’s one topic that’s sung about a lot on country radio right now, and it’s partying and beer and driving your truck. All that is fine – somewhat – but I do think that’s part of the reason that this album is really resonating so well,” she says.

Writing on her own reality, the track “Letting You Go,” for instance, is a song dedicated to her soon-to-be 18 year old and her shock at how quickly time has passed.

But just like Evans, her children – Audrey, Olivia and Avery – were born to fly in the music industry and she’s “not at all” nervous about it.

“I think it would make me nervous if they didn’t want to do something weird with their lives. If they just wanted to be normal I would be like, ‘What? I’m not going to be able to relate to you!'” She says about her children following in her footsteps.

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“They’re addicted to road life. They all grew up on the bus – they learned to walk and talk and potty train – [so] they’re of that same mindset, and, again, they all love music so much, so I just can’t imagine they wouldn’t pursue it with all their heart.”

From the start, Evans has always taught her children that laziness is “the biggest sin ever.”

“It’s something that you have to teach your children from an early age: to work hard for what they want,” she says. “Nobody just deserves anything, nobody’s just entitled to anything. You have to go out and get it.”