Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne Reveals She Was 'Rocked' by Coronavirus — and Will Be Donating Plasma

The country singer said she "loaded up" on vitamins and stayed extremely hydrated to fight off the virus

Jennifer Wayne is opening up about her experience with the novel coronavirus and how she was able to fight off the illness.

On Wednesday, the Runaway June member revealed on Instagram that she had been “rocked” by the respiratory virus and was “struggling with whether or not to share” that she had contracted the disease.

In the post, the 38-year-old explained that she ultimately decided to go public with the news after having so many people reach out and to ask about her symptoms and recovery process.

“I am sharing this because I did contract Covid 19 (I’m assuming from the grocery store, it’s the only place I’ve been?!) and I had some great advice from doctors and friends and family (@travelingwithfinn !)… and this helped me kick this things ass,” Wayne wrote.

The singer made sure to preface that “each body’s immune system fights it off in a different way, so I am definitely not saying I have any answers” before listing the methods she used to feel better.

“I loaded up on Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, B complex; chaga mushrooms and ZINC!” she began. “I also drank more water and Gatorade [than] I ever have in my life. I wanted to flush that thing out of my system,” noting that her routine plus getting rest was a “lifesaver.”

As she recovers from the virus, Wayne said her next move will be “donating [her] blood and plasma to help others.”

The singer also included a picture of herself holding up a sign that noted three things she is grateful for.

Wayne’s list read: No. 1, “My parents did not get the virus,” No. 2, “My body, which I have so harshly judged in the past, fought it off and kept me healthy,” and No. 3, “I have had incredible family and friend support. I am a lucky girl.”

On Thursday, the country star continued to share her appreciation for her friends and family by giving them individual shoutouts on her Instagram Story.

“Feeling super grateful and so lucky,” she wrote. “Thank you for so many of you who have reached out. I am overwhelmed with the love I’ve been shown…just wanted to share some of the many people who have made me feel so special…and who I appreciate SO much.”

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