Rory Feek on Returning Home After Losing Joey to Cancer: 'I Couldn't Remember My Wife Healthy'

Rory Feek said he sometimes sits on his back porch to look at the cemetery where Joey Feek is buried

Photo: NBC

Six months after losing his wife to cancer, Rory Feek does all he can to feel close to the woman he calls “the most amazing person.”

“We have a cemetery about a hundred yards behind the farm … and it’s where we laid my wife to rest,” Rory, 40, told Today‘s Savannah Guthrie of his late wife Joey. “We can sit on our back porch and sort of feel her there and she’s not far away.”

Joey died in March, about two years after being diagnosed with cancer in 2014. The country music duo documented Joey’s journey – and the family’s struggle to cope – along the way.

“When Joey passed away in March and we came home to our farm, I couldn’t remember my wife healthy,” Rory said.

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Using video footage of Joey’s journey, Rory is highlighting his wife’s cancer battle in a documentary called To Joey, With Love.

“All those years of marriage and all that life that she had, until I started going through the footage and then I saw her come back to life,” he told Guthrie. “I was able, in making the film, to watch her life happen in real time again. It was amazing.”

The documentary – appearing in select cities Sept. 20 and Oct. 6 – comes after millions followed his wife’s story via social media. And Rory said he doesn’t know exactly why the family’s journey attracted so many readers.

“I think maybe, like me, they rarely get to see a beautiful love story, even if it’s tragic,” he said.

“Sometimes the most beautiful things happen in the midst of tragedy and they get to see it because we’ve shared it, and I’m in awe of it and I can see why it would matter to them.”

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