Reba McEntire Has a Major 'When In Rome...' Moment – and It's Fantastic!

"I can crawl under the table or I can join in here," Ronnie Dunn tells PEOPLE of what he was thinking while watching pal Reba bust into song at an Italian restaurant


Here’s a new must-do to add to your bucket list: Travel to Europe – or anywhere, for that matter – with Reba McEntire!

The singer recently traveled to Rome with her Nash Icon labelmate Ronnie Dunn, and … well, you could say she embraced all Italy had to offer. McEntire, who recently split from her husband of 26 years, Narvel Blackstock, busted out singing “It’s Now or Never” while their group was out to dinner – and luckily for the rest of us, it was captured on video.

The good friends were abroad last month for the Celebrity Fight Night fundraiser with Andrea Bocelli in Florence and decided on the spur of the moment they weren’t quite ready to go home.

The “Ain’t No Trucks in Texas” singer tells PEOPLE how it all went down:

“We took the train to Rome to go spend a few days just taking pictures, hanging out and decompressing,” says Dunn.

“We were staying at the top of the Spanish steps and the last night, we all decided to walk down and have dinner at one of those typical alleyway, outdoor Italian restaurants.

“We were just eating and all having a good time and there was a whole table of young students from L.A. behind us. They broke out a great big bottle of grappa – it was huge! – and we were passing that around and before I know it, Reba was standing up singing.

“The bottle was massive and everyone was having a great time. Bocelli just performed at one of the events and we were still all in the spirit.”

“I didn’t know the words so I was getting some help there from my wife. You can see from the look on my face that I’m either thinking, I can crawl under the table or I can join in here. Reba, with no inhibitions whatsoever, just stands up and started singing it and away she went. I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, we’re going to get booted out of here!’

“Instead she gets an ovation. The Italians are a blast like that, they’re so much about having fun and just going with it.

“It was a trip I’ll never forget.”

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