The summer season may be coming to a close, but RaeLynn's feel-good single "Tailgate" will have fans singing all year long


The summer season may be coming to a close, but RaeLynn‘s feel-good single “Tailgate” will have fans singing all year long.

The 24-year-old country star joined Florida Georgia Line during their set at the Faster Horses music festival in Michigan last month to share her new song — which comes courtesy of Florida Georgia Line’s own Tyler Hubbard as well as Canaan Smith and Corey Crowder.

In addition to wowing the crowd — with her pals acting as her hype boys — the video shows behind-the-scenes footage of RaeLynn exploring the festival grounds and rehearsing by the tour bus.

“Lately when it comes to songwriting, I’ve made it a point to just have fun and create music that feels good,” RaeLynn explains. “The day we wrote ‘Tailgate,’ I told Canaan, Corey and Tyler that if the song doesn’t make me want to dance then I don’t want to cut it. Without fail, ‘Tailgate’ makes me want to dance on stage every single time I perform it and when you hear it you can’t help but sing along.”

| Credit: Paul Mobley

She added, “It also comes from a real place because I’ve been driving the same truck since I was 18 years old. The first car that I ever owned was a Ford F-150 and I got to thinking about all the trouble I’d have been in with mama and dad if that truck ever told a secret on me. I think everyone remembers that first car or truck and all the secrets it kept for them growing up. I’m so excited to share it with everyone because it’s definitely the perfect song to open the flood gates of what we are creating!”

RaeLynn’s new song proves that girls can have their share of fun as well.

“But if that tailgate ever tells, I’d be the small talk of the town / I’m sure I’d catch all kinds of hell for every time we’ve laid it down / In the back of the race red F-150 / We get to kissin’, we get to slippin’ off clothes / And nobody knows / And only will if that tailgate ever tells,” she sings in the chorus.