Pryor & Lee Come Together for a Livestream Concert Benefiting Animal Shelters Around the World

"We sing it at our shows and use it to put focus on the shelters in the area in which we are playing in," the duo tells PEOPLE of their song "Good Ol' Dogs & God"

Country duo Pryor & Lee pride themselves as being avid dog lovers, but the truth is that that they can vaguely remember their very first pets. Pryor Baird recalls having a dog named Dusty, and Dusty was a mutt in every sense of the word. For Kaleb Lee, his first pet was a dog named Clyde, and frankly, Clyde loved to eat dirt.

These dogs might have been far from memorable. But they do remember that they absolutely loved those darn dogs.

"There is no love like a dog's love for their people," Lee, 35, tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. "I don't care how bad your day was or how s---ty of a person you might be that day. It doesn't matter. They love you no matter what. The closest thing we can liken it to is God's love for us."

He draws in a deep breath. "That's a love worth singing about, because there is nothing like it."

And it is this deep, spiritual belief that serves as the backbone of the country duo's new single "Good Ol' Dogs & God," a song actually written by their producer Doug Johnson.

"We are a little too crazy about our dogs sometimes," admits Lee, who joined together with fellow The Voice alum Pryor Baird to create the country duo Pryor & Lee back in January of 2020. "We absolutely love our dogs. They are just as much of our family as anyone else, and Doug knew that. So, he ended up playing this song for us that he had just written. And as soon as we heard it, we fell in love with it."

"He played it for us after a four-hour meeting about songs we might want to cut," laughs Baird, 38, at the memory. "It would have saved us a lot of time if he had played that one first."

Indeed, the heartfelt song has gone and taken on a brand-new meaning for Pryor & Lee, as it now serves as an anthem of sorts for all those who work to ensure that pets remain a vital part of people's lives. In fact, the two will showcase the touching song at a special livestream concert next Wednesday, June 23 at 7 p.m. CST.

In partnership with Greater Good Charities, a national nonprofit organization that benefits people, pets, and the planet, Pryor & Lee was able to connect with exactly 130 humane organizations, rescues and shelters across the country and in Brazil, Puerto Rico and Canada and take this special song to the masses.

"We are doing this show at no cost to them, simply so they can use it for whatever they need, whether that is for awareness or to raise money to fulfill a mission that they have," explains Lee of the concert, in which the country duo will be doing a special acoustic version of "Good Ol Dogs & God." "It's definitely going to be one of the most special shows we do this year. To get the chance to do a livestream for so many people at one time and see our song make an impact in real-time — it's just going to be amazing."

"Organizations such as these have always been important, but became even more important during the pandemic," adds Baird. "Pets were vitally important for all those people that didn't have anyone over the quarantine and such. If they didn't have anyone, these shelters allowed them to adopt a dog or cat or whatever they wanted. Companionship helped a lot of people get through some really tough times."

"Good Ol Dogs & God" is also on its way of turning into a milestone sort of song for the country duo, best known thus far for their rowdy brand of country music exhibited in high energy songs such as "Y'allsome" and "Carry On."

"It's really turned into an identity song for us," remarks Lee. "We sing it at our shows and use it to put focus on the shelters in the area in which we are playing in, and it instantly becomes a way for us to give back. We have an opportunity to use this song in a way that most songs aren't used these days, and that's something that's really special and something we are really excited about."

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