February 02, 2015 01:45 PM

Parmalee‘s new song “Already Callin’ You Mine” is an uptempo love song about that moment when it all clicks and you realize you’re really into the person you’re dating. But thanks to Facebook’s relationship status box, that moment isn’t as simple as it used to be.

“I think that every modern-day, newer relationship has had that argument … ‘Well, you haven’t changed your status …'” Josh McSwain, the band’s guitarist, tells PEOPLE.

“It’s tough. Who goes first? jokes frontman Matt Thomas. “Do you sit there together and do it at the exact same time?”

“It’s definitely a lot more difficult now since Facebook has come out,” agrees bass player Barry Knox. “Back in the day, when you met a girl, you had to wait three days before you called. Now you got to make sure you change your status on time, call and text at the right time … this is getting too difficult.”

So, in honor of their new tune, we asked the guys to share their best relationship status ever. Here’s what they told us:

Matt: “‘Buffaloed.’ I got this girl’s phone number one night. She wrote it on a napkin and I got all excited. When I went to call her, it was the wrong number. She buffaloed me.”

Josh: “‘Han Solo.’ I’m married, so my status is always ‘married,’ but if I’m going out with my buddies, I change my status to “Han Solo” because I end up by myself.”

Barry: “‘In the Doghouse.’ You know, tail between your legs, sleeping on the couch kind of deal. I have a girlfriend right now and I’m definitely not in the doghouse, but I’ve been there. My status right now could actually be ‘On Cloud 9.'”

Scott Thomas: “‘Pharrelled.’ Because [sings] ‘we’re happy, happy ‘”

Check out the lyric video for Parmalee’s “Already Callin’ You Mine” above.

Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Matt Thomas and Scott Thomas
Larry Busacca/Getty

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