Aaron Parker premieres "I'd Go Right Now" and other new artists to listen to
Credit: Courtesy Mariboo Marketing (3)

The country universe is so small, it’s practically on a first-name basis with the world. Mention Blake, Carrie, Dierks, Jason, Keith, Kenny, Luke or Reba – to name a few – and everyone knows who you’re talking about.

But how about Aaron, Brooke and Levi? There’s always room for a few new names. Here’s a look at some emerging country artists who you might come to know a little better in the future:

Aaron Parker – "I’d Go Right Now"
Raised in Southern Alabama, Aaron Parker’s love for performing and songwriting brought him to Nashville. Drawing inspiration from ’90s country lyricism, Aaron s voice has been described as, “a young Garth Brooks meets early Chesney and Tim McGraw.”

Brooke Eden – "American Dreamin’"
Brooke Eden grew up in Loxahatchee, Florida and started singing in her carpenter-dad’s country band when she was only 5. That early training must have paid off – check out her powerful voice.

Courtney Cole – "Drunk"
Courtney Cole grew up just outside of New Orleans and says she fell in love with the vibrant music of the French Quarter during childhood shopping trips with her mom.

Haley & Michaels – "Giving It All (To You)"
Haley & Michaels grew up only three miles apart in Northern California, but it took Nashville to bring Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels together. They say there is no such thing as a lead singer in this duo – they’re all about blending vocals and harmonies.

Jon Langston – "Forever Girl"
Move over Luke and Jason, there’s a new Georgia boy in town. Jon Langston is a singer-songwriter from Loganville, who started playing guitar in 8th grade and hasn’t stopped since. His influences include everything from Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw to Guns N’ Roses and Staind.

Levi Hummon – "Make It Love"
Levi Hummon is a Nashville native who had to leave town to find his true calling. Initially focusing on painting while away at college in Florida, Hummon started writing songs after his relationship ended. Not long after he realized his love of songwriting and moved back home to pursue it professionally.

SmithField – "Hey Whiskey"
SmithField came together in 2011 and features two vocalists, Trey and Jennifer, who grew up together in Texas and decided to pursue their Nashville dream together.