Why Nelly Says He's Only Getting Married 'One' Time: 'Death Do You Part Is Serious Around Here!'

Nelly shares that fans attending the Smooth Stadium Tour can expect some collaborations

Nelly is about to have the summer of his life.

The rapper will be hitting the road with Florida Georgia Line, Backstreet Boys and Chris Lane for the Smooth Stadium Tour. Although the acts come from different genres of music, their gathering is seamless.

“We’re backstage doing it all — barbecuing, a little bit of other stuff I’m not going to say,” Nelly, 42, tells PEOPLE Now.

He continues, “It’s a fun vibe, and the thing I love about FGL is their appreciation for all kinds of music. They’re country artists but they’re real fans of music, period, across the board. They know their hip-hop. They know their R&B. They know their pop.”

Country singer Lane may be “the baby” on tour, but Nelly won’t be far away from him.

“I’m going to be hanging out with him because he’s going to get all the girls,” he jokes. “He’s got the hair going, he’s the young kid — I can already see where this is going.”

Of course, Nelly isn’t looking for anyone himself — he’s committed to girlfriend Shantel Jackson. He isn’t quite ready to pop the question yet though.

“The thing about marriage to me is … I take it very, very seriously. It’s something I’m only doing one time,” the rapper explains. “For me, it’s almost like society would prefer you to have been married and got divorced and tried it then to be married and stay married. For me, it’s more important to die married than to have been married and it didn’t work out. I want to leave this place knowing I was in love and somebody loved me and we were together, then to be like, ‘Well I’m never getting married again and I’m ruined.'”

Nelly adds, “If it happens, when it happens. That’s it! She’s locked in man, she’s trapped. Death do you part is serious around here!”

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On top of stellar performances by all the acts, Nelly shares that fans attending the concerts can look forward to some unique collaborations.

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Florida Georgia Line and Backstreet, I know they have a dope record that they were able to put out and it’s really cool, so I’m definitely expecting those guys to get together out there,” he says, referring to their song “God, Your Mama, and Me.”

“I know we always manage to hit the stage together for ‘Cruise,’ which was the longest-running No. 1 country single in the history of digital music,” he adds, bragging about his 2012 hit song with the country duo. “I want to say that — boom.”

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