December 15, 2015 05:55 PM

Fans of the TV show Nashville are used to seeing Scarlett O’Connor’s love life in shambles. But luckily for Clare Bowen, the actress who plays Scarlett, life isn’t imitating art – at least not in that department.

In fact, Bowen, 31, and her real-life love Brandon Robert Young are pretty much living the fairytale.

The couple, who got engaged earlier this month during her set at the Grand Ole Opry, were actually brought together by the music of the show.

Young was asked to step in and duet with Bowen on “If I Didn’t Know Better” (a song Scarlett performed with Gunnar in the show’s pilot episode) during a concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

“I met Clare, we ran through the song twice and then the next time we were singing it was, strangely enough, in front of 13,000 people,” recalls Young. “Clare and I kept in touch and we started writing together – and now we’re together together.”

“Brandon has taught me a lot about songwriting,” adds Bowen. “He’s … my soulmate.”

Young, a musician who’s toured for 15 years with John Hiatt and Jennifer Nettles, is also a source of calm in what can otherwise be a crazy life.

“When you have those moments in the middle of the show where it can get overwhelming – there are lots of people out there – I just look at him, at the end of a very long show, a very long day, a long tour, to be able to lay down next to your best friend … I couldn’t really ask for very much more,” Bowen says. “I’m very grateful for him.”

Nashville: On the Record 3 gives fans an intimate look at the lives of the show’s cast members and is airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Once aired, the full show will be available on and the WATCH ABC app.

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