Morgan Evans Is Learning to Be on 'My Own Again' After Kelsea Ballerini Divorce in New Song: LISTEN

The country singer-songwriter previously released the vulnerable "Over for You" in October

Morgan Evans isn't looking in the rearview mirror.

The country star released his latest single titled "On My Own Again" — which is seemingly inspired by his divorce from Kelsea Ballerini — as he learns to be "on my own again" on Friday.

In the opening verse, Evans, 37, reflects on a past relationship.

"The pictures in my head are all of her I'm taking with me/The rest of it, I left back in that house," he sings. "Tomorrow when she wakes up I wonder if she'll miss me/This time I ain't hanging round to find out."

morgan evans
Morgan Evans. Chady Awad

The song then transitions to Evans looking forward to "the rest of my life " like "the best time's up around the bend."

"Turn left to CA, right to NYC/Hell I could go to Mexico right now if I want to," he sings. "Yea I know I might get lonely, but I'm getting outta here/Cause as long as the windshield's bigger than the rearview mirror."

He ends the song on a hopeful note.

"Young, wild and free/Riding like the wind/Learning how to be/On my own again," he sings.

Evans posted a video talking about the song on his Instagram Friday, where he explained a bit about the inspiration.

"I wrote this song in November last year — the chorus, at least — and it just felt like the first moment that I stopped looking in the past and really started looking toward the future," he explained. "I hope this puts a smile on your face today, and hope you find a way to listen. I would actually recommend listening to this song driving in your car, heading somewhere. That's ... what it feels like to me."

kelsea ballerini and morgan evans
Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini. Kelsea Ballerini/instagram

Evans' new tune comes after Ballerini, 29, performed songs inspired by the divorce during her Saturday Night Live musical guest debut earlier this month. She performed songs "Blindsided" and "Penthouse," which are featured on her EP Rolling Up the Welcome Mat.

Ballerini filed for divorce from Evans in August after nearly five years of marriage, and their split was finalized in November. Since then, the "Peter Pan" singer has been linked to Outer Banks star Chase Stokes.

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A few days after she released her Rolling Up the Welcome Mat EP, which was accompanied by a short film of the same name, Ballerini appeared on an episode of Call Her Daddy and revealed more details about the demise of her marriage — including her breaking point, sleeping on the couch and allegedly being forced to choose to give up half of the house.

The day before the full episode was released, Evans seemingly addressed it on social media and said it was "sad" to see someone he "spent so much of my life with" say "things that aren't reality."

Evans then released a five-part docuseries that takes fans behind the scenes of his CMC Rocks performance, where he debuted his song "Over for You" about his divorce from Ballerini.

The project follows Evans through his Australian tour, only weeks after he went through the split. It also includes footage of the "Young Again" singer traveling back home and spending time with his family.

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