"It's very humbling to be hurt, and I have to be honest. My fans expect that from me," Miranda Lambert explained

By Karen Mizoguchi
June 19, 2018 10:00 AM
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Heartbreak is the ultimate source of songwriting inspiration for many singers — and it’s no different for country star Miranda Lambert.

From her public divorce from Blake Shelton in 2015 to the end of her two-year relationship with Anderson East in April, Lambert, 34, continues to pour her heart out in her music.

“2015 pushed me into a writing mode I’ve never been in before. It’s very humbling to be hurt, and I have to be honest. My fans expect that from me,” she told music journalist Holly Gleason in an interview with HITS Daily Double.

“I was going through a divorce very publicly, and thank the Lord I am a writer. That meant I could find some way to deal with it, that people could say, ‘I get it — I’ve been there too.’ And ‘It’s why I related to you because I went through the same thing,’ ” Lambert said of being raw and honest in her lyrics on double album The Weight of These Wings.

“It made me feel so alone, as much as it does anybody else. There’s fun stuff on there too. I feel like I’ve captured the seven stages of grief, but it took me 24 songs to get there,” she added.

Miranda Lambert
| Credit: Jim Wright

And Lambert is not and will not be afraid to put everything, good and bad, in her music.

“I am who I am. I am honest about being flawed. That’s all I can be, you know? I cuss. I drink. I get divorced and get my heart broken. I break hearts,” she shared of her personal experiences.

“I can’t do or be that anymore, or it’ll drive me crazy. I won’t be good anymore. I felt, maybe, a different kind of fear than any other record. It was really my life’s work and my life’s story. But there was also relief, I was thankful to let the music do what the music does — and to allow myself that,” Lambert continued.

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While songwriting has become a mode of therapy for Lambert, social media has become less of a mode for communication with her fans.

“With social media, it’s a whole other thing. And it’s such bulls—. I’m thankful for the drama of it all because it gets sillier and sillier,” said Lambert, who has been dating new boyfriend Evan Felker amid rumors that their friendship turned romantic after he suddenly filed for divorce from his wife.

Miranda Lambert
| Credit: Donn Jones/CMA

“They make up so many lies, no one can know the truth. The truth is it’s in my music if you listen close enough,” Lambert explained. “I took three months off all socials in 2015. I loved it. I realized I wasn’t picking up my phone looking at Twitter and Instagram. I wrote 75 songs in six months because I wasn’t using my mind staring at mindless s—. I took a week off a little while ago, and it felt so good.”

As for expressing her emotions through song, Lambert hopes to help others.

“I’m willing to say whatever I need to say so people understand. I’m hoping my story’s their story because everybody’s had s— in their lives. I’m just thankful I get a voice to speak about it,” she said.

“It’s unpleasant, believe me. It’s unpleasant for me sometimes to write it down and sing it into my phone. Oh, I hurt myself, you know, and I’m glad I did because I hope it hurts somebody else too. It lets it out,” Lambert added.