The singer's fashion and memorabilia go on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame

By Kay West
May 15, 2014 04:30 PM
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

Three years from the night Miranda Lambert said ‘I do’ to Blake Shelton on a ranch in Boerne, Texas, the country music superstar stood in the rotunda of Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and celebrated another milestone: receiving her very own exhibit.

“I can’t believe I’m here!” she told the VIP crowd at the invitation-only preview opening of “Miranda Lambert Backstage Access.” “When you’re a little girl standing in front of your mirror singing into a hair brush you never could imagine something like this. Even when you start having success, you think something like this is way down the line.”

“This” is a linear exhibit behind glass on the Museum’s second floor, chronicling a year of her professional life in gowns, costumes, boots, accessories, photos, awards, guitars and merchandise – narrated by the singer’s own printed-out Tweets. “Whoever thought Tweeting could lead to the Country Music Hall of Fame?” she said, laughing. “I don’t remember saying a lot of those things but none of them are embarrassing. Be careful what you Tweet!”

The exhibit begins with the plunging Roberto Cavalli gown Lambert wore on the red carpet of the 2013 Grammy Awards and ends with another glamorous style statement: the The Blonds gown she donned for the cover of her upcoming album, Platinum, which will be released June 3.

In between are the dresses she wore in her “Mama’s Broken Heart” video, a rolling pink wardrobe case from her 2013 Locked and Reloaded tour with Dierks Bentley, the pink-flame embellished corset she wore onstage at the 2013 CMA Music Fest, bottles of wine from her private label, a Double J Saddlery leather belt with “Mrs. Shelton” in rhinestones and a re-creation of her backstage Vibe Room with a set list, tour laminates and a day sheet.

“The last year-and-a-half of my life has been such a whirlwind and things that happen in that time seem like a dream almost. Seeing the exhibit made it real and brought back such great memories of those nights, those moments,” Lambert said.

She admitted that finding the items the museum curators requested was challenging.

“I am not the most organized person in the world,” she said. “It was scary where I found some of the clothes they asked for, kind of wadded up in the back of a closet. They had some work to do to make them look as pretty as they do here, but the way they displayed everything on the mannequins, the way the light shines on everything, the way the bling sparkles, I just love it.”

Though their work schedules prevented Lambert and Shelton from spending their third anniversary together, nothing could take away from her big night.

“Spending time apart because of work has always been part of our relationship, so we’re fine with it. This is the first anniversary we’ve spent apart, but we knew it was coming with everything going on. We’ll celebrate us when we’re together.”

The couple will definitely be together on June 6 when they both are part of the LP Field lineup for the CMA Music Festival in Nashville.

Miranda Lambert Backstage Access runs through Nov. 9, 2014.

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