What does this up-and-coming Texas country group have in common with Bruno Mars? Find out that – and more

There’s a new trio ready to take the country world by storm.

Midland’s Cameron Duddy, Jess Carson and Mark Wystrach released their debut EP last fall, introducing the world to their Texas sound.

The group was recently named one of Entertainment Weekly‘s “Artists Who Will Rule 2017,” and are now starring in a photo shoot for Man of Metropolis magazine.

“All of our music is an amalgamation of our musical influences,” Duddy tells the magazine. “Throw in some rock n roll, some soul, and a heavy dose of country music and your got yourself a Midland stew.”

PEOPLE has a first look at the Man of Metropolis images, and everything else you need to know about Midland as the video for their first single, “Drinkin’ Problem,” debuts.

Credit: Courtesy Man of Metropolis Magazine

1. Duddy is the man behind Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” music video.

Duddy has spent much of the past decade directing music videos, documentaries and commercials (and still does on the side). Chances are, you’ve seen some of the California native’s work.

He’s a frequent collaborator with Bruno Mars, and previously won an MTV Video Music Award for directing the singer’s “Locked Out of Heaven” video. Most recently, Cameron and Mars paired up again for the latter’s “24K Magic” clip.

He also directed Fifth Harmony‘s “Worth It” and Jennifer Lopez‘s “Ain’t Your Mama” — as well as “Drinkin’ Problem.”

Credit: Joshua Pestka for Man of Metropolis

2. The guys first performed together at a wedding.

Though the men originally met back in Los Angeles through the music scene, it wasn’t until Duddy’s wedding that things really clicked.

“Jess and Cam used to have a band and after Jess left L.A., Cameron and I formed a band,” explains Wystrach in the magazine. “Midland came about when Cameron asked Jess and I to be groomsmen in his wedding for a week up in Jackson Hole over three years ago.”

He adds, “That was the first time the three of us had played music together as a trio and the result was pure magic. The commonality was our love for country music and for the harmonies which were such a huge part of it in the ’70s and ’80s… it took off from there.”

3. Wystrach used to kick it in Calvins.

Wystrach may now be a lead vocalist, but the 37-year-old was once a model for Calvin Klein.

He’s also had a handful of acting gigs, including appearances on Weeds and 90210.

4. They’re total pranksters.

“There’s a lot of laughs on the road,” Carson says. “Pranks, hi-jinx, and slapstick – sort of like the Three Stooges.”

Carson, who’s on guitar and backup vocals, insists, however, that the crew knows when to get serious.

“The studio experience, on the other hand, is so important because that is where you shape the sonic landscape of the songs,” he tells the magazine. “It is where you create a world that hopefully listeners will want to exist in for a few moments.”

5. Wystrach’s other passion is footwear.

Wystrach is certainly a man of many trades. He’s also the creative director for MOVMT, a footwear company he cofounded.

MOVMT, according to its website, “creates eco-hip footwear and accessories that stand for reduction of single-use plastic.”

Midland is rocking on Faith Hill and Tim McGraw‘s Soul2Soul tour when it hits Canada this May. Check out more information about show dates and the group here.