Martina McBride Wants You to Forget Your Problems at Her Show – Also, a Barista and a Bathtub on Her Tour Bus Would Be Nice

"I just want to shower the room with love and positive energy through music," says McBride of her upcoming tour


Martina McBride getting ready to go out on her Love Unleashed tour this fall – and she’s hoping to help you forget about your problems for a while.

“I just want to shower the room with love and positive energy through music,” says McBride of her upcoming tour. “Right now I’m still in the daydreaming stage. We have a name and a concept to the tour, which is really just creating this environment where you can get away from the craziness in the world that we’re inundated with all day, every day with the news and everything going on right now.”

It’s an idea that McBride, 50, is passionate about even in her own home.

“In my family we’ve been just consciously getting away from it more and more and just listening to more music,” she says. “We sit around and listen to vinyls together. We talk around the dinner table. We’re just doing more things as a family, connecting, and trying to not let all of that negative stuff get into you, because it does. It can start to affect the way you feel. You just end up being scared a lot of the time. I just want to create a space where people can come and forget all of that for a couple of hours and just enjoy being together.”

And part of disconnecting from the problems of the world for a bit means also disconnecting from your smartphone – something McBride encourages her fans to do at her shows.

“It’s really shocking to me, over the past few years, and I’m including me, I’m right there with everybody else, we’ve become addicted to this phone. There’s no downtime,” McBride says. “I do wish there was a way we could all get away from that. It’s just got to be a conscious decision that people are going to have to make because it’s an addiction plain and simple.”

We caught up with McBride as she prepares to hit the road on her tour bus and asked her to share some of her tour favorites with PEOPLE.

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My favorite tour ritual is …
“Hanging out after the shows with the opening acts and with my band and crew. We usually get finished with the show and have a couple of hours before everything gets loaded out and counted out and our drivers get back, and so we’ll just hang out and talk. My band and crew have been with me a really long time, like some of them over 20 years. It’s like a family and it’s just our time to hang out and listen to music and relax.”

My favorite thing to eat on tour is …
“I’m trying to be really healthy on tour, so it’s usually pretty boring, but I do try to look for the taste of the local culture. I like BBQ and any time we go to Austin, we always get Torchy’s Tacos.”

My favorite way to pass time on the tour bus is …
“Reading and watching Blue Bloods marathons – I want to go to that Sunday dinner!”

The least glamorous thing about touring is …
“When the bus breaks down. I’ve been stranded on the side of the road a few times.”

The thing I wish I had on my tour bus is …
“A barista. Wait, no! I don’t really want another person on the bus. But I do love good coffee. I’ll say a bathtub. I like to take a bubble bath every night and that’s one thing I miss when I’m on tour.”

The biggest misconception about touring is …
Probably that it’s glamorous. If people saw me before I go on-stage – or basically the other 22 hours of the day – they would be like, ‘Wait a minute, this does not add up with my picture!’ I’m literally in sweats or pajamas. I pretty much stay in my pajamas all day actually.”

The thing I learned from all my years of touring is …
“If it’s your 10th show or your 10,000th show, when I get up on that stage I always remember that for some people, this is the first show they’ve ever been to. You always have to give all you can give and make it the best show possible.”

McBride’s Love Unleashed tour kicks off on Oct. 14 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The tour marks the first time McBride is offering VIP packages. Tickets can purchased on McBride’s site.

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