"I wrote that song about my wife before we were even dating, it was the first dance at our wedding," he tells Lindsay Czarniak on her new podcast titled The Artist and The Athlete

Luke Combs knew his wife Nicole Hocking Combs was the one long before they began dating.

The country star, 31, and Hocking Combs officially tied the knot on Aug. 1, but while guesting on Lindsay Czarniak's new podcast titled The Artist and The Athlete, Combs revealed that he wrote his track "Beautiful Crazy" for his leading lady "probably like three, four months" after they met.

PEOPLE has the exclusive video premiere of the segment, which aired on Tuesday.

When asked which of his tunes is his favorite, the singer responds, "'Beautiful Crazy' for me ... I mean [it] won song of the year [at the 2019 CMA Awards], which was probably the number one [goal] on my bucket list."

"I wrote that song about my wife before we were even dating [and it ended up being] the first dance at our wedding," he says. "There's no way that any other song will top that as far as sentimental value for me."

Luke Combs, Nicole Hocking
Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking

Of course, Combs vividly recalls the first time he played the tune for his now-wife.

"Oh, she loved it," he affirms. " ... She always deflects the attention [she felt] in that [moment], which I get. If someone played me a song about me [three, four months in], I would be probably pretty uncomfortable about it. So I get it."

In the moment, Combs describes that she kept her cool. But for him, writing "Beautiful Crazy" "was [a] total baller move for sure."

"I'm not much of a ladies man," he adds. "But I was pretty proud of this one. I had written it, maybe two days before [I played it for her]."

2020 CMA Awards
Nicole and Luke Combs
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The first time he shared it with Hocking Combs, she had invited him to her place, so he played the song on "this little Victrola record player," which he had previously given her as a gift.

"One of her friends was over there. I was like, 'Well, this is perfect.' Because if I play it while the friend is over, there's no way the friend is going to not think this is the sweetest thing that anyone's ever done for someone. So, I played the song when the friend was over there. Of course, her friend was like, 'Oh my God, it's so sweet.'"

And the rest is history. Most recently, the pair took a trip to Montana. Combs shared a snapshot alongside his wife on Instagram.

"Alright Montana, I'm in. Great times with great folks," he captioned the March 14 post.