From his monster hits to his country boy shake, Bryan tops our list of sexy country men this year

By Eileen Finan
Updated May 29, 2014 09:00 AM

When Luke Bryan pulls up in his 1972 Ford Bronco for a morning photo shoot in Miami, he’s rumpled and unshaven, wearing flip-flops and camo – but even disheveled he’s got undeniable charm.

Put him beneath some palm trees in an unbuttoned tuxedo shirt showing a hint of bronzed chest and he’s superstar sexy.

From his monster hits to his country boy shake, 37-year-old Bryan tops our list of sexy country men this year. PEOPLE Country sat down with the singer, who revealed all – from what he loves, to what makes him laugh, to something he really should leave behind.

What do you find sexy in a woman?
“Confidence, the ability to wing it and the ability to get fancied up and pretty. I love the whole girl-next-door thing, the whole thing of, you know you’re pretty but not going too far with it.”

What gets you laughing?
“Watching my boys [Bo, 6, and Tate, 3] do cute stuff. Tate had a baseball game yesterday and he was running the wrong way and doing all these things that had everybody in the stands just cracking up laughing. I don’t know if he knows how cute he is, but he’s having fun.”

What would your wife Caroline say is your worst habit?
“Hmmm … there are so many! Probably talking on the cell phone. Or answering it during dinner. The best thing for me is to leave it in the car and then I know I won’t answer it. Whenever I’m like, ‘I left my phone in the car,’ she’s like, ‘Ooh – special!’ ”

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