The trash-talking pals chat with PEOPLE about hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards

By Steve Helling
Updated April 10, 2015 10:45 AM
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The true sign of friendship? Trash-talking.

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, who are co-hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards for the third time, spoke with PEOPLE about being back onstage together and couldn’t resist taking a few jabs at each other. (Some of their verbal sparring is unprintable, but we can promise you that it was really, really funny!)

In between trading barbs, they reveal what to expect during the awards show, which airs April 19 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

This is your third time cohosting the show. What do you have planned?
Luke: It’ll be an exciting night with a lot of big names. We’ll pay homage to many of the artists who paved the way for us.
Blake: Yeah, it’s the 50th anniversary of the show, so it’s a bigger deal than just us telling jokes.

But you will tell some jokes, right?
Blake: Brother, we are jokes.
Luke: There’ll definitely be some funny moments. I can promise that.

So what will be the funniest joke of the night?
Luke: Without a doubt, when Blake and I perform.
Blake: Maybe we’ll even make out on stage. It’ll go viral, in more ways than one.
Luke: You mean virus. There’s no telling what I’d catch from you.

Now you guys are good friends…
Luke: We are? I suppose so.
Blake: If that’s what you call it.

What’s the best thing about each other?
Luke: That’s a good question. The best thing about Blake is that at different points of his life, his butt has been bigger than his belly. At other times, his belly is bigger than his butt.
Blake: The best thing about Luke is his smile, but he loses his charm when he starts to talk.

Ouch! If that’s the best thing, what’s the worst thing?
Blake: The worst thing about Luke is his personality. They say that fame lets you be who you really are, and that’s definitely not a good thing with Luke.
Luke: The worst thing about Blake is that he refuses to dye the sides of his hair. He looks like Charlie Rich.
Blake: Should I sing some of “Behind Closed Doors”?
Luke: No. Please don’t.
Blake: Maybe I’ll save that for the show.

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