Aubrie Sellers on Going Blonde for 'Love Actually Live' : 'I Feel Like a Completely Different Person'

Aubrie Sellers is starring as Sarah through the end of December in the hit live production of the beloved holiday movie

Aubrie Sellers
Photo: Kevin Parry

Aubrie Sellers’ fans are used to seeing her rock long brunette locks, but for the holiday season the singer has been having some fun as a blonde.

Through the end of December, Sellers is hitting the stage nearly every night at the Bram Goldsmith Theater in Los Angeles in The Wallis and For the Record’s hit production of Love Actually Live, which re-imagines the beloved holiday film’s hit soundtrack with an uber-talented cast and 15-piece orchestra.

Stepping into the role of Sarah (a sweet woman who pines for her handsome colleague while taking care of her brother), Sellers, 28, says her friends and family weren’t the only ones surprised by her hair transformation.

“I was totally down to be a blonde and wear a wig, but it has definitely convinced me to keep my dark hair,” she tells PEOPLE. “I feel like a completely different person in that hair and her clothes, and people are shocked when they see me after the show.”

Playing double duty, Sellers also sports a “short platinum wig” for a smaller scene as a different character. “I think I would be more likely to do that than go a more traditional blonde,” she adds. “I’m all or nothing!”

Love Actually Live is Sellers’ first time tackling a musical, and the entertainer admits she was “so nervous” before opening night.

“When they told me how many costume changes I had, I didn’t even see how that was going to be possible,” she says. “After you do it a few times completely though in front of an audience, it starts to become ingrained in your mind and body.”

The country singer — who embraces a range of musical genres for her “garage country” sound — has also grown close with the rest of her cast over the last month.

Aubrie Sellers
Love Actually Live cast.

“We play Christmas music in the dressing room while we’re getting ready,” says Sellers. “It’s so fun to get ready for a show with a bunch of other girls. I’m used to being on the road with guys!”

Just like the movie, the live production tugs at heartstrings and features both emotional and laugh-out-loud moments. And that’s just the kind of reaction Sellers and her costars are hoping for.

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“We love when the audience is excited and laughing. It makes it more fun for everyone,” she says. “There were a couple women in the front row last night truly living their best lives, and it’s so fun to watch them let loose.”

And since Sellers only gets a few days off for Christmas this year, the star and her family are breaking tradition this year for a very good reason.

“Normally we go to Texas for the holidays, but my family is coming out here [this year],” she says. “Everyone is going to come see the show, and then I’m hoping we will have some great food, play some fun games and I’ll have a little time to read before we get back to the last weekend of the show.”

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