Go Behind-the-Scenes of LOCASH's 'Feels Like a Party' Music Video: 'It Was Real Down to Earth'

When it came to shooting their music video for their hit song "Feels Like a Party," the country music duo had didn't want anything too over-the-top

When it came to shooting LOCASH‘s music video for their hit song “Feels Like a Party,” the country music duo had didn’t want anything too over-the-top.

Instead, they wanted to capture what the vibe of their music really is: casual-fun songs for all people.

“We wanted to be uplifting,” Preston Brust told PEOPLE ahead of their performance at the Pepsi Tailgate Tour in Miami. “We just want you to feel good.”

“Everything we write is very similar to that and the mentality of LOCASH; there’s no heartbreak,” Chris Lucas continued. “We have heartbreak and we write about it — but not for us. We write it for other artists. We wanted the positivity.”

So LOCASH teamed up with director Alex Alvga to shoot a video where people from all walks of life dance to their song. They filmed people like a chef, a business person, a little girl on a playground and a woman with her shopping bags exiting a mall.

“It was real down to earth,” Brust says of the way the video was filmed.

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As for the actual shoot day, Lucas and Brust say they had a ball while filming, and one of their favorite parts was being able to meet some of the fans who appeared in the music video to see the impact their music had.

“The video captures that part of it — when a LOCASH song comes on you can’t help but move a little bit,” Lucas says. “You can’t help but put a smile on your face and you can envision that in this video. That’s what happens with the live show too.”

While on set, Brust and Lucas tried to keep it as light as possible, and they wanted the whole video filming experience to “feel like a party, as well.”

In behind-the-scenes footage that premiered exclusively with PEOPLE, Brust shared his go-to video shoot day must-haves, which include a cowboy hat, a phone charger, a “backup turkey feather from a turkey you shot just in case the other feather is a little too raggedy,” and “a little bourbon to wash it all down smooth.”

While the pair just wrapped up their Pepsi Tailgate Tour, they are working on new music and exclusively announced the name of their upcoming album with PEOPLE. The new LP, entitled Brothers, is scheduled to release in spring 2019.

The title track for the album was written by LOCASH alongside Corey Crowder and Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard — the same team that wrote “Feels Like a Party,” and stemmed from the feeling that they were all connected even though they didn’t have a blood relation.

“We have been in Nashville a long time,” Brust says. “You see each other go through ups and downs — sometimes together, sometimes independently — and you help each other through, and you’re there for each other. We’ve also watched each other mature and get families and have kids and things like that.”

“We’ve been through a lot more downs than ups and we’ve had each other to rely on,” Lucas adds. “We’re not blood but we really are brothers.”

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And although the album or the song doesn’t technically mention “sisters,” both of them agree that the track and the album are all-encompassing.

“I silently say sisters in my head,” Brust says.

“It’s for everybody,” Lucas adds. “We all bleed red. We are all the same people. We all need each other. That’s what the song is about and that’s what the album is about.”


Along with that — and the fact that people often think Lucas and Brust are actually brothers — the meaning behind the title track and the album have a big tie to the military.

“The second verse of brothers is just about how we are all fighting for the same flag and the same rights and we are family because of that,” Brust says.

“Those people over there will die for each other and for us,” Lucas adds. “You don’t get bigger than brothers and sisters like that.”

While they’re rising on the charts and continuing to make a name for themselves in the country music world, LOCASH is most excited for people to hear their new album once it’s released, and they’re so grateful for all of their success so far.

“The songs on this we are so proud of,” Lucas says. “They’re our babies, but in a moment in our lives as young dads with four hits right now, it’s an amazing feeling and some of the songs on this album mean so much to us — we just can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

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