Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild: My Most Romantic Trip with My Husband Was ...

As Florida's Tortuga Music Festival approaches, Fairchild gets into beach mode with PEOPLE

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Little Big Town is taking the stage at Fort Lauderdale’s beachside Tortuga Music Festival on April 12, and lead singer Karen Fairchild says: Bring. It. On!

“It’s the first festival that we’re playing this year and we always look forward to festival season,” the singer tells PEOPLE. “It’s just like a big ol’ party out there. Plus, this being on the beach makes it even better. We’re very excited!”

So in the spirit of this weekend’s big ol’ beach party, we asked the singer all about her beach cred. Here’s what she told us:

The last time you went to the beach:
“I’m at a beach right now! I’m actually in the Bahamas.”

The most romantic moment you ever had on a beach:
“Oh gosh. When [husband and bandmate] Jimi [Westbrook] and I went to The Tides in Playa del Carmen. It was just a very romantic trip. They have these little thatched roof huts and you have your own little swimming pool outside of your room and there’s candlelight dinners at night and it’s just super quiet … That was definitely a romantic trip, for sure.”

The first time you took your son Elijah to the beach:
“He was 5 months old and we went to Rosemary Beach in Florida. We realized quickly that lugging a little guy around makes the beach a lot different. We were worn out! We didn’t have it down yet as new parents. It took us the next beach trip to get it together.”

Favorite beach song:
“‘Toes’ by Zac Brown. I don’t think there’s a better beach song than that one. I mean, I know there’s Buffett and so many Kenny [Chesney] songs that are great, but I just love that one and it’s also sentimental. When that song was out we were touring with Zac Brown and our kids were little and they used to sing that song all the time. They didn’t know that it said ‘a–‘ so they would always sing, ‘I got my toes in the water, toes in the sand …’ [Bandmate] Kimberly Schlapman’s little girl would sing the, ‘Life is good today, life is good today,’ all the time. That song’s just kind of special.”

Favorite drink to sip on the beach:
“Skinny margarita on the rocks. No salt.”

Fellow artists you’d most want to spend a beach day with (you can’t say Jimi!):
“I think a beach day with Miranda and Blake would be really fun. We’ve never done that with them. We could count on good drinks and yeah, a good time for sure!”

Person you’d most want to be stranded on a deserted beach with?
“Oh goodness. I have to say my husband or I’d be in trouble.”

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