July 31, 2017 02:45 PM

Ms. Marianne (Official Video) by Levon on VEVO.

In 2003, Stacy’s mom had it goin’ on but now, it’s time for Ms. Marianne.

Two months after releasing their debut five-song EP, Levon’s official music video to their song, “Ms. Marianne” is out now. Reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne’s hit, “Stacy’s Mom,” the infectious tune tells the story of a young waiter who fantasizes about getting pursued by an attractive older woman “celebrating 20 years of marriage to an ex she called Satan.”

Hailing from Nashville, Levon — which consists of friends Michael David Hall, Jake Singleton and Ryan Holladay — told PEOPLE they had a special connection to their latest single, which hits radio Monday.

“Ms. Marianne was actually the first song we played with Ryan when we met him,” lead singer Hall says. “We went from three strangers to being ‘Levon’ almost instantly; it just felt right.”

The song idea came about from Hall’s own experience as a restaurant server—which fittingly, was at the same restaurant they shot the video in. Like the song says, an attractive older woman came in while Hall was working and they instantly hit it off. The country trio was also credits their inspiration to the 1967 film The Graduate.

With racy lyrics like “you’re a flavor that I’ve never picked” and “if you were on the end of a popsicle stick, I would eat you up as you melted all over my hand,” the band agrees this song always gets a big reaction from fans—and is a favorite of theirs, as well.

“Playing this song live always gets a lot of laughs,” Singleton says. “Whether it’s from the story Michael tells to set it up, or lyrics like ‘Chardonnay flirting,’ or us three trying to mess each other up on stage, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself during this song.”

Holladay added: “It always grabs [the audience’s] attention and by the end of the song, there are a lot of people singing along. It makes our job so much easier when we look out and see people smiling and singing back at us. It’s always a highlight of the set for me.”

David Mclister

Believe it or not, Hall isn’t the only band member to be seduced by a cougar. Singleton admitted that he, too, was part of the club—but wasn’t quite as smooth as Hall was.

“I had one older women hit on me on a plane once,” he confesses. “She was a flight attendant and it was right as I was walking down the aisle to exit the plane so I didn’t have a chance to reciprocate those flirts. That was the only flight I wish had been a tiny bit longer.”

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As for their real-life Ms. Marianne? There’s a few ladies in mind. For Hall, it’s Diane Lane or Shania Twain. For Holladay, “Jennifer Aniston is the first who comes to mind. She still looks as good today as she ever has.”

Levon is available now and can be streamed on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.

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