Lee Brice Shares His Own Wedding Footage In Video for 'I Don't Dance'

His newest hit "was for my wife for our first dance at our wedding," the country star tells PEOPLE

Lee Brice. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty

When Lee Brice first wrote his newest hit, “I Don’t Dance,” it was never supposed to be on the radio.

“It’s the most personal thing I’ve written ever,” the country singer, 34, tells PEOPLE. “It was for my wife for our first dance at our wedding. And it wasn’t even supposed to be really a song on the record. It was nothing about that, it was just for Sara.”

But then the songwriter in him took over and he realized the record was good enough to be a single. And as if the song wasn’t personal enough, his new music video sure is – it blends footage of Brice performing the song at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium with video from his own wedding last spring.

“The song, on top of the fact that it’s personal, it just turned out magic,” says Brice, who co-wrote the tune with songwriting pals Rob Hatch and Dallas Davidson. “I’m a tough guy, a big guy, but I have a soft heart. Sara was okay with me sharing it with the world.”

Good thing too: The song was recently named one of the 12 Hottest Wedding Songs for 2014 by the wedding website The Knot.

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