Leah Turner Releases 'Wax on the Table' and Announces New EP as She Embraces Womanhood and Her Mexican Roots

Leah Turner talks to PEOPLE about double standards and diversity in country music

Listen up, fans. Leah Turner's got something to say!

Leah Turner, 34, a country music singer is releasing her newest single "Wax on the Table" and announcing her upcoming EP, Lost in Translation with PEOPLE exclusively.

When writing "Wax on the Table," produced by Andrew King — Turner says she drew inspiration from her struggle with double standards imposed amongst men and women.

"Men make a living off of loving us and telling us to pop out of the water in a string bikini and shake it here and do this," says the country singer. "But as soon as we start talking about having those kinds of things, feelings of feeling sexy or feeling comfortable in our skin, it's not received as well. It's like, 'Oh, they need Jesus,' or we're vulgar or we should cover up."

"And I was just like, 'Well, that's not fair.' We should be able to be comfortable in the skin that was given to us. And so I just took what I feel is always said about us. I took it from my perspective, and saying that I want women to start embracing, not only our skin, but embracing one another and not tearing one another down," she continues.

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Ultimately, she hopes women walk away from listening to her music feeling unapologetic about their sexuality.

"We shouldn't apologize or be ashamed for being bad-ass, strong women who love our skin and want to love our men and talk about it. Because it shouldn't always be their responsibility to light the candles. Let me light the candles tonight — and let me show you that I'll be the tequila on your lips. I'll be the want for you because I want you, too," Turner says.

"Men do it all the time and are praised for it. So I wanted that power of owning your sexuality and being comfortable in your skin to come across in the song and these lyrics," she continues.

Turner also opened up about her upcoming EP, and says it represents a side of herself she's ready to share with the world.

Turner was raised by her mother, a first-generation Mexican, and her father, a Caucasian cowboy in the rodeo — who have had a strong influence on her music, and this EP especially.

"It's bringing in the Latin culture into country music. And I've always known that country music has always had such a love affair with the Latino culture, the Mexicano culture, the Hispanic culture," Turner says. "It's exciting for me to be able to marry those two cultures."

Country music has been "the soundtrack" to Turner's life, she says. However, she's now ready to see "the tides change," and to be a part of bringing diversity into country music.

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"I think it's really awesome that we're able to start bringing in diversity and other views through other people's eyes that maybe not everybody has lived. It may open something up inside of them that they never knew was even there," says Turner.

At the end of the day, Turner wants to remind her fans to always "look at the heart rather than the outside." This way, nothing can get "lost in translation."

Lost in Translation is out Oct. 15.

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