Lauren Alaina Dating Comedian John Crist 4 Months After Ending Engagement

Lauren Alaina revealed to Bobby Bones on Wednesday morning she has a new man in her life

This ’90s lady has a new beau!

While promoting her new single “Ladies in the ’90s” on The Bobby Bones Show Wednesday morning, Lauren Alaina revealed to the host that she’s been quietly dating comedian John Crist for a few months.

“This is my boyfriend,” Alaina told Bobby Bones as Crist sat down to join the interview. The two initially connected when the country singer slid into Crist’s DMs — “I responded to one of his Instagram videos” — but the comedian didn’t know who she was, despite the blue checkmark on Alaina’s account.

“I didn’t want to be like, ‘Who are you?’ so I looked up her Wikipedia page. It was the wrong move,” Crist, 35, said, admitting his first try at a pickup line fell flat. (Alaina, 24, joked he hit her back with “I too grew up performing in church in Georgia,” but they eventually moved past the slow start.)

John Crist and Lauren Alaina. Bobby Bones Show Insta Story

The new couple also addressed their 11-year age difference.

“I’m 35, her mom is 45, and she’s 24 … so I’m closer to her mom’s age than her. When she and her mom are arguing about stuff I’m literally in the middle like, ‘Actually your mom makes some good points,'” Crist joked.

However, Alaina said that the comedian’s family is just happy he finally has a significant other after years of focusing on his career. “John hasn’t introduced them to a girl in 10 years so… they’re shocked he’s bringing a girl around,” the “Road Less Traveled” singer shot back.

On Feb. 11, the star shared a photo of herself with Crist at his show. “Does going to a @johnbcrist show make me more of a CRISTian? #ForSureNo #CheckYourHeart,” she captioned the snap.

The happy relationship news comes four months after Alaina announced she and longtime love Alex Hopkins were breaking off their engagement after six years together.

“While we still have love for each other, we’ve grown into very different people over the last six years,” the exes wrote in a joint statement posted to their social media accounts in January. “We are now in a place where we are each looking forward to starting our own fresh, new chapters of our lives. We both love and respect each other and hope you all will do the same.”

Earlier this year, Alaina opened up about her breakup during an episode of Nashville-based podcast “All Our Favorite People,” revealing that the last year had been “one of the hardest” of her life but she was now “the happiest” she’s ever been.

She also got candid about dating, saying Ariana Grande‘s breakup anthem “Thank U, Next” was indicative of her current situation.

“I think she’s probably better at dating than me,” joked Alaina, who added that she found the dating scene “problematic.” “It’s not a skill that I have. I’m a very flirty person in general, [but] I’ve never had to flirt with intent.”

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