Kix Brooks Talks Being Back on Stage with Ronnie Dunn: 'It's Like Riding a Bicycle!'

We played catch up with the singer, who's juggling a Vegas residency, a production company and a search for America's newest country star

Photo: Chris and Todd Owyoung

Kix Brooks had a revelation while executive producing and starring in his new movie, You’re Gonna Miss Me — and he couldn’t be happier about it.

While working with his son Eric, who co-wrote the drama about learning the meaning of family, Brooks, 62, says he realized, “my son Eric is quite a little screenwriter.”

“He studied film and English at Vanderbilt and I was wondering about all those crazy courses he was taking, what I was paying all that money for,” says Brooks. “So we started working together and I realized he kind of knew what he was doing. It’s a great feeling!”

For Brooks, great feelings have been in no short supply lately.

Brooks & Dunn, along with Reba McEntire, have been heating up Vegas again and he’s also serving as a judge for NASH Next 2017, a national radio search for America’s newest country star.

“It’s like riding a bicycle. Both of us — after 20 years of playing night after night after night after night together — we smile at each other across the stage now and go, ‘Yep, here we go again,’ ” Brooks says of being back in the spotlight with his old bandmate Ronnie Dunn after parting ways in 2010.

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The key to keeping it fresh, he says, is not being too prepared.

“We did a little rehearsing and we got about 15 minutes into the show and everybody shrugged their shoulders and said, ‘I don’t know, I’m good. Are you good? We’ll see you tomorrow,’ ” he says.

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“So we like keeping a little nervous energy in there. We try not to be hit in the head until it’s boring. We never really know what’s going to happen, especially when Reba’s out there.”

You’re Gonna Miss Me is currently available on DVD, exclusively at Walmart. After wrapping up another Vegas run earlier this week, Brooks & Dunn and McEntire will return to the Colosseum in late November.

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