"It's the only place that allows me to escape from my own self half the time," the singer tells PEOPLE
Credit: Schyler Blackman

For some, the beach brings out a sense of adventure. And while that may also be true of avid surfer Kip Moore, he says more than anything the beach brings him peace.

“It’s a sense of calm for me. It’s the only thing that will shut my mind off,” Moore tells PEOPLE. “It’s the only place that allows me to escape from my own self half the time. I can be my own worst enemy in a lot of ways, and my mind is a trap a lot of times for me. When I go surf places, it really is the truly only way that I’m able to shut everything off and find that peace that I’m always searching for.”

Moore, 36, is particularly excited about his upcoming gig in the sand, playing the Tortuga Music Festival on Saturday. “You’ve got my two favorite things in one setting – water and music!” he says. So we chatted with the “Running For You” singer to get up to speed on all his beach basics.

What’s the most romantic moment you’ve ever had on the beach?
Oh, wow, I’ve had a couple of those. Let’s see here. I would say on St. Simons Island. I’m not going to say with who, I’d never do that, but it was St. Simons Island, and this was many, many years ago. I brought a blanket out to the beach and I can remember we laid there probably until 4 or 5 in the morning and made out several times and drank lots of wine.

Celebrity you’d most like to spend a beach day with?
I’d like to kick back around a fire on a beach at night with a couple of guitars and Bonnie Raitt. There ain’t nothing that’s not cool about Bonnie Raitt. I feel like she has a lot of stories and I feel like we’d do a lot of picking and I’ve got a feeling that she could kick back some drinks and some other stuff, too.

Fill in the blank: You’ll never see me doing ______ on the beach.
You’ll never see me with a metal detector and you’ll never see me with a selfie stick!

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Favorite music to listen to on the beach:
Golly, I have such an eclectic playlist on the beach. Van Morrison’s one of them. Smokey Robinson. It’s very soulful, happy, feel good – It makes you feel good kind of music. I don’t like to listen to stuff that’s too intense when I’m at the beach, I love intense music, but it’s not the time for me.

Beach you most want to go to:
Witch’s Rock in Costa Rica. It’s got an amazing wave. It’s got a world-class wave. It can really hurt you.