"The way they embraced us," Moore tells PEOPLE. "It's one of the most amazing experiences of my whole life"

By Danielle Anderson
May 06, 2016 03:00 PM

Country fans in Europe can’t get enough of Kip Moore – and the feeling is pretty mutual.

Inspired by all the love he got from European audiences at last year’s Country2Country Festival, the singer traveled back across the pond to headline a string of sold-out shows in Dublin, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow last month.

Kip Moore sightseeing in London
PJ Brown

“The way they embraced us,” Moore, 36, tells PEOPLE. “It’s one of the most amazing experiences of my whole life, to be honest.”

In fact, after playing his kick off show in Dublin on April 22, fans wanted even more Moore. And he gave it to them.

Kip Moore at the sold-out final stop in the UK
PJ Brown

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Kip Moore outside Temple Bar in Dublin
PJ Brown

“Everybody came outside my back dressing room door after the show,” he says. “Hundreds and hundreds of people in the alley were chanting for the night to continue. I walked out there with an acoustic guitar and played for 45 more minutes right in the thick of all the people with no microphone, no nothing. And they sang every word.”

Kip Moore with the crowd in Manchester, UK
PJ Brown

In fact, the moment made such an impact on Moore, a new tradition was born. “I ended up doing that every single night on the tour after the shows,” he says. “It became a thing.”

The other thing that struck Moore about his foreign fans is they don’t seem to be quite as into asking for selfies as us Americans. After a fan spotted Moore out at a pub, he just wanted to share a moment with the singer.

Kip Moore's impromptu concert after his show in Dublin
PJ Brown

“We were at this pub, just hanging out and eating, and this one guy recognized me and started singing the chorus from “Come and Get It” really loudly,” he says. “I just put my head down and laughed. Then I put my arm around him and joined in with him.”